Interesting People in My Life III-Bob Rees, The BubbleBob

Bob started playing games with me right from the beginning. When I saw Bob Rees (Likes) on one of my blog posts on Linkedin, I checked his profile out of curiosity. I immediately received an invitation to connect with him and he wrote very bluntly, “You have seen my profile. Now you know the rules’” Of course I had to play by the rules and accept his invitation (By the way, any reader can tell me if there is such a protocol or rule).

Though Bob Rees is a Fashion Designer (he calls himself creative fashion designer, are there any non-creative fashion designers also?) by profession, but the child in him is always alive and kicking.
A few days had passed and Bob, (keeping his reputation of being called Bubble Bob), had inscribed my name on a bubble foam toy he had created and sent me a photo of the same (see the photo at the end of the blog post)
When I told him of my malicious intentions to write a post on him in the series, “Interesting People in my Life”, he immediately replied, “ I'm just a (S)imple (I)nventor (M)aking (P)eople (L)augh & (E)njoy the SIMPLE things in life....”
He invented the "garage built" version of his foam bubble, in 2009. Then he held an investor presentation to raise money for prototypes and focus groups. He licensed his "technology" to a global toy company which has created 7 different toys using the technology. It is being sold around the world under the trademark of "GAZ-ZUDS".
He has Invented the Bubble-Worm(r) - Bubble Toy, MPG Grill and Collapsible Charcoal Chimney and Canopy Anchor Pad System. Bob always has some trick up his sleeve. His recipe won a Father's Day 2010 recipe contest at Lodge Mfg (SpicyBOB). Bob’s Jeep was the first to break through the snowdrift and successfully cross the Cumberland Pass in Colorado. Bob’s interests include offloading, flying and creating new prototypes. What is offloading, you may be tempted to ask. You better get it clarified straight from horse’s mouth.
The internet bubble may have burst but Bob will be bubbling with enthusiasm (and his ideas/inventions) as long as he is breathing.
Hugs Bob. Keep Bubbling

Brief profile
Bob has worked as President and Chief Invention Officer at ROPED, LLC and as Inventor and President at Bubble-Worm, LLC. Presently Bob stays in Iowa, USA and works with Z Line Fashions.

To know more about Bob’s foam inventions (Licensed to Funrise Toys)

GAZ-ZUDS video


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