Interesting People in My Life VI Katya- Young Russian expert in Cyber PR and Languages

 Ekaterina Feoktistova is hardly 23 and has a strong command on French and English (and of course Russian). She studied languages at Belgorod State University for 5 years. While working, she realized that being just an interpreter isn't enough for her so she joined her Masters in Moscow State University with specialization in Public Relations. Her areas of interests are PR in Social Media (also called Cyber PR) and Social Media Marketing. She works as Social Media Specialist at PR Project, a Russian PR agency and is responsible for the blog and Facebook page to begin with.The quality which I most appreciate in Katya is that she has gathered more than 6 years of part time work experience (as an interpreter) along with her academics. Presently also she is managing academics (pursuing a Masters in PR from Moscow University) and a full time job.
She has quite an unusual photo added to her profile (with an informal pose). Well if you are tactful and know your limits, getting a little casual always helps in breaking the ice & connecting fast with people and that’s what PR is all about.
She adores Russian classical literature and loves traveling. She has been to France several times and is absolutely charmed by the country, its culture and traditions. She dreams of becoming a connoisseur of French Wine, an oenologist (those with expertise in grape varieties, fermentation, temperature, and other aspects of wine production are called oenologists) and says, “It's such an important part of French life, it's an art.”
Recently she began dancing salsa and now it's a source of energy and joy for her. (Salsa is a dance genre from Cuba, as the meeting point of European and African popular culture. It later spreads to Puerto Rico and the rest of the Caribbean Isles. Salsa dancing is done on eight-beat music, with dancers moving on three beats, pausing for one beat, dancing for three beats, and pausing for one beat. The movement style is left-right-left-pause, then right-left-right-pause.) She shared a You tube video with me on Salsa (basics for beginners)
She recalled an interesting Russian proverb, "The church is near, but the road is icy. The bar is far, but we will walk carefully." After all, where there is a will there is a way, where there is no will, there are excuses. She firmly believes that our fate and destiny depend upon our efforts and determination. Her life motto is, "There is no fate but what we make."
I always say, “If you know the right things on the internet and use it for the right purposes, WWW becomes World Wide Wow.” Katya says, “As I work in Social Media, I noticed, that lots of people, who are not involved in marketing or PR, don't quite understand the meaning of the revolution in the communication we are undergoing. For example it took me some time to explain to my parents that even if I'm not in the office the whole day, but I'm always on Facebook or Twitter, I don't waste time, I work. I love my job.”
With her dual expertise in the world’s 3 most popular languages along with theoretical grounding in PR, I am sure Ekaterina will be making waves in International PR soon. I wish her all the best. :)

To know more about Ekaterina and her organization PR Project, check the links below:-
Facebook Fan Page
Linkedin Public Profile


  1. Interesting reading .Thanks for sharing Dr Amit

  2. Welcome Syed. Would like to write a post on you also sometime. I really like your command on execution (of ideas) and the corporate sufi approach you take.


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