Becoming a True Leader-Developing Our Intuition

The universe is pulsating with limitless information, which comes to us at conscious and unconscious levels in various ways. We may receive information through our senses, dreams, intuition and divine. What are the barriers which stop the natural flow of this information? Are these barriers internal or external? How do we break these barriers? These are some of the questions which come to our mind as we grapple to use our intuition to make decisions. We must struggle with forces such as fear, negativity, illness, stress and lack of faith in higher consciousness, which act as barriers.
The best tool we can use to break and destroy these barriers is spirituality. Once we are able to do that our decision making (one of the most critical skills for leadership) becomes very easy and natural. In the beginning of our spiritual journey, more and more questions arise in our mind, and then we receive few hints at answers, later we start receiving complete answers and over a period of time a strong sense of intuition starts emerging, which starts making intelligence obsolete. We must remember, “There are questions to which I have no answers but the very fact that the questions have come is the signal that the answer will come. After all, if you don't know what to ask, how can you learn?”
Intuition is defined as the direct experiencing of truth without any reasoning process or use of perception. Intuition occurs beyond the rational mind and beyond the senses in some aspect of our consciousness and to expand our consciousness is one of the primary purposes of spiritual practice. As one learns to still the mind through observation, contemplation, breath and focused meditation, one develops a field of consciousness which is more open to intuition and sixth sense perception.
Intuition is a higher Knowledge and being a spiritual gift it is a source full of vitality, astonishment and inspiration. It helps each of us to see behind the appearance. It enables to get an answer in just one session that may take you otherwise months, years, decades or even a lifetime. Intuition is a communication form that communicates from essence level to essence level, while normal communication is on the lower level of consciousness.
All insights that we get are not intuitive and they can come from other sources such as instinct, feeling, thinking, interpretation or association. When it is intuition you know why it happens, what the reason is, what you are learning, what is its use, what is possible and what is not? If you have no immediate answers to this then probably you are dealing with sources other than intuition.
Instinct is a lower intuitive form and it is based on history. Feeling is a kind of an inner urge to do something based on your subconscious levels. Thinking is: a rational form, based on what others have taught you. Interpretation is when you think you know what the situation or the other person means. Association is the emotional baggage of the past.
An intuitive person can talk with the energy present. Many of us do not realize that what we think, believe, associate, feel, interpret or notice is because of the instinct. Intuition as a result of spiritual practice does not really merely bring an *addition* to the five senses, but rather an intensification of all five senses. Spirituality is an inner knowing and you need to be intra personal and intuitive to get there otherwise you'll continue to look outside, out of the window to the physical world. Intuition is also internal like the spirit.
Learning to live in moment is the simplest form of meditation. Unfortunately given the noise and complexity of the modern world, living in the moment is hard to do. One can practice to live in the moment by continually paying attention to the energy one sends into the universe. More often than we would like, the energy from our primitive ego is negative even though our conscious intention is to be compassionate.
A human being is like someone who is in bright daylight with a blind fold. To enlighten ourselves and to return to our true compassionate nature, the only thing we need to do is to remove the blindfold.
(This is the fifth article in the monthly series, "Leading with Spirituality" in Spiritual Lounge E-Magazine)
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