The Rebellious Woman & Other Stories

Here are some stories and musings on love and wisdom:-

The Rebellious Woman's Story

She was surely a rebel,
& would act against all advice,
She'd behave as a free & carefree soul, 
And the world could see, only her vice.

Yet he would put himself in her story,
And could easily make her laugh & cry, 
She would obey his every single word, 
And herself choose to be a caged bird.

Yet he would make her fly, high into the sky, 'Like a Dove'.
For he could pull her back any moment, with a magical power,
"The Power of Unconditional Love."

The Super-Sensitive Soul

And she told her coach, "Sometimes I hate myself for my hyper-sensitivity. Why do my mood swings take me for a ride all the time? I feel so helpless."

The coach replied, "The Universe wanted you to experience life this way. Remember sensitive souls get into a good mood equally fast and are less likely to get into long depression. 

Enjoy the beauty of nature and its smells and sounds. Give a hug. Listen to soothing music. You would uplift your mood as quickly as it went down.

And keep in mind the blessing is, the more sensitive a person is, the more creative she/he is likely to be."


The Journey Is The Nirvana

The storyteller goes to the master and asks,

"Seen it all, 

done it all. 

Saw life as a drama 

and then loved it all. 

What next master? I have only one wish left and that deep wish is to attain the state of 'Nirvana.'"

The Master, "Nirvana is here and now. You have found your life purpose of inspirational storytelling. Inspire people through stories. Help them heal by supporting them in sharing their stories. 

Find a soulmate, who is also a journeymate. Nirvana is this very journey, not any elusive destination. So go my dear, my blessings are with you, for the state of Nirvana."


So little time

He said, "So much to do, so little time."
She said, "So much love to spread, so little time."

The irony was that he kept teasing her by calling her 'li'l girl' yet silently kept admiring her 'magnanimous heart'.
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