"Everything That You Desire" and Other Stories

 Here are some stories and musings:-

The Magic

Only drama happens, when there is no intent, just right perception.
Only gods understand, when there is right intent without right perception.

Magic happens, when there is pure intent plus right perception.


Everything that you desire

The disciple is in a philosophical mood and asks Guru,"What do gods do, when they want to punish you?"

The Guru bursts into laughter and says, "They give you everything that you desire. Human desires are often funny, inconsistent and at times self-contradictory. Even gods get confused at times. We hate bias, yet we all want to be special for someone, for example."

The Weird Stories

The strongest of people go through the weakest of moments.

In weakest of moments, happen the weirdest of stories.....of vulnerability, frailty and human-ity.


Love is always tough

The disciple, "Guruji, tough love has become a buzzword these days. Isn't love tender & caring? Can love be tough?"

The Guru, "Love always has its tough side, else it becomes pampering. Love always has the best interests of the loved one, in mind, which may mean a nudge or disciplining at times."

The Captivating Story 

And she was such a pure sweet soul, that not only her smile, even her smileys were magical. And then began a captivating story.
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