And You Live Happily Thereafter

Musings and stories on wisdom and love 

Life is a Funny Story
Life is a funny story. Sometimes you find people who reflect you and rest of the time you find your reflection in people. 

Once you understand this, you live happily thereafter.

The Pure Gold
The soul doesn't fear walking on fire,
For it is compassionate yet bold.
Only impurities around it can burn,
Even the fire leaves the pure gold.

The Hide and Seek Story
Life seems to be playing hide and seek. But the day you seek with the true spirit, life just can't hide.

One Fine Day
And one fine day you find a reason behind everything, and then you tell god with an embarrassed look, ''Now I understand your plan.''

Go, Tell Your Story
Write your success story. 
Share your success story & inspire. 
Get rewarded by universe. 


The Lemonade Story
They threw lemons and he made lemonade. But this time they are throwing apples and he is perplexed.

And he was Spellbound

She was magic. She was sheer charisma. She left him spellbound..........and after her magical spell, he didn't even remember the story.

The Unsung Heroes

Songs are sung for some, 
Some remain the heroes unsung. 
There is a hero in everyone, nevertheless, Waiting to be recognized.

The Fearless Story

Life took her to the darkest moments of the night. She was afraid initially yet after a while she got used to it and lost her fear. There was nothing in the world which could scare her now. 

And then began her fearless story.

'Life seems to be a bitch' Till Then 

One day you connect the dots backwards and understand your own, 'Back Story'. One day you finally find meaning in suffering and are able to heal the pain.

Till then you perceive, "Life is a bitch."

The Characters You Connect With
Different people connect with different characters in a story. And very often it tells us, "their characters in their stories".

LCM or HCF ?
LCM or HCF? Your choice Follow the fashion & rat race and live the life of LCM or Lowest Common Mentality

Follow your passion and calling and bring out your HCF or Highest Creative Faculty.

And She Became a Live Wire
When she was in love, her heart was on fire.
When she found her life purpose, her soul was on fire.
And when both were burning into flames,
She came alive and became a 'live wire'.

A Modern Julius Caesar
We need a new story, and a modern Julius Caesar with a new quote, "We came, we saw, we conquered, the people's hearts and souls."

And Thus Began Our Love Story

The father was sharing his love story with his daughter. He began,''Her innocence was divine, her eyes were divine, she had a heart of gold....her intent, her trust in him, her expressiveness, her desire to learn all the time, the way she connected emotionally. Wasn't everything just divine about her?'' 

He continued, ''I had begun wondering, whether she was showing her best side to him, her soul or was she actually as pure-hearted as she seemed to be?'' Then the thought crossed his mind, ''However strong an inner voice you may refuses to answer some of the tough questions.'' And like in the past, he decided to trust till she proved otherwise. After all he was wise enough to rise in love, if nothing else.... 

And he paused and told his daughter, ''And thus began our love story. ''

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