"I too want to be a storyteller" and Other Mini Stories

 Mini Stories on Wisdom & Love

 I want to be a storyteller too

And she asked the storyteller, "I want to be a storyteller too. What can I do to become one or is it a gift from God rather?"

He replied with a subtle smile, "Probably God first makes you an idealist and then surrounds you with unidealistic circumstances all around. This gift of 'a bundle of contradictions' exposes one to the weirdness of life. Weirdness and contradictions of life often make for great stories.

The best stories are often inspired by the beloved or the divine. And then like any other skill, it is practice, practice and more practice."


From one extreme to another, ......well that's the human story

She was his childhood friend. He was excited to meet her after more than a decade and was surprised to see her insensitive nature.

He gently enquired, "What happened to you gal? You have changed and certainly not for the better. Have you built a thick protective shell around your soft heart? " She was unmoved and replied, "Nothing like that pal. I remember my mother as a very sensitive woman. And easily hurt, she would keep seeking love here and there. I decided to be insensitive and loyal as a rock. It's more important to be loyal than to be sensitive. Isn't it?"

He was taken aback for a moment as if an arrow had pierced straight into his heart. Then he gained his composure and began to scold her like a typical Indian elder brother. 

He told her in an affectionate yet firm voice, "Why do we answer one extreme with another? Can't we human beings find a balance?"

She broke down yet kept trying to hide her tears. You may hide a spring but can you dare to hide seas and oceans?

The Amazing Story 

Life has taught me that when you address people as 'Amazing', after a while, they actually start expressing their hidden amazingness (if they have not done it already).

When you keep repeating the process, they keep surprising you with even more than amazingness... with awesomeness rather.


A Conspiracy Everywhere

He had felt clueless about life for long and then one fine day there were clues everywhere. He began to wonder, "The Universe is a master of Conspiracy for sure. And at the appropriate time, it helps you find someone, who is as beautiful as life itself and as innocent as love is."


Story is a Myth?

Stories are usually a mix of reality and imagination. Where the reality ends and imagination begins, no one knows.....sometimes not even the storytellers.

The Darkest of Stories

Deep in the soul's ocean stay buried,
The deepest of human insecurities,
And the darkest of human stories.
The mysteries love the depths after all.

But then some stories are best shared with your own soul,
Or a soulmate, who has become part of your very soul.

The Meltdown

"He looked egoistic, hard-hearted, macho and at times, over-confident. Yet perceptions are not always true. For one act of unconditional love would make him melt as quickly, as chocolate does.

Some people are like dark chocolate; bitter-sweet, strong and yet have a classy style, difficult to resist. Not sure whether 'The Complete Man' exists, yet he was as complete, as a man could be. The best part was even his contradictions, added to his charisma."


Brief Profile 

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