Sean Smith Workshop- "Just Jump' - By Venus Academy, Mumbai


Sean's life was forever changed when he was almost killed by his next door neighbor over 20 years ago. And after learning real quick on that cold morning of Dec. 17, 1986, that we only get one chance in life and we're never promised tomorrow, Sean committed to himself that he would pursue excellence instead of mediocrity, and bring as many people with him as possible.

As I evolve from a story writer, to a full- fledged storyteller, I keep looking for opportunities to learn new storytelling skills, particularly narration and dramatization (speaking and performance skills). 

So when my friend Mehernosh Randeria, CFO in Nissan group informed me of the Sean Smith’s workshop in Mumbai on 1st March, I jumped at the opportunity. (Incidentally, the title of the workshop was also 'Just Jump'). My sixth sense told me, there are going to be some great lessons in storytelling in the workshop.

(Photo-From extreme left-Mehernosh Randeria, Nandu Warrier, Manish Tayal, Sean Smith at Hotel Hilton Mumbai International Airport)

The Deepest Wish

The Universe knows our deepest wishes for sure. Somewhere in the heart of my hearts, I had a deep wish to learn theatrics and dramatization to improve my story performance skills. It is a delicate art in edutainment, as little bit of extra drama can backfire.

And the best part of Sean Smith's talk, "Just Jump", turned out to be his story performance skills. 

He would wear jump suits & goggles one over another, to demonstrate the layers of false beliefs, and how they distort our perceptions. As part of the stories, he could limp, fall and rise on the stage just, just naturally. Yet he kept us focused on the message, and theatrics just enhanced it.

And never did he appear over-dramatic. Lesson indeed.

(Photo-Sean adding one goggles over another
Credits-Greeshma Thampi)

No Room Service

Some of the lines Sean spoke were quotable quotes and had a strong punch. One of my favourites was, "You can't call up and ask 'Room Service' to deliver you success."

Sean pointed out, "Comfortable growth is an oxymoron (for growth can never be comfortable)."

Another interesting thing emphasized by Sean was that the goals should be set by heart and not by mind. A goal which connects with the heart, has a stronger and lasting impact on us.

A Joke that Bombs is Gold

When I shared my fear of I being the only person laughing at my joke (as part of a fear sharing exercise we did), he shared few tricks of how to convert even bombed jokes into victories. Well, I am not going to share all the secrets at one go :-)

(Photo-Sean's Theatrics, Guys there is nothing indecent here)

And then we jumped

Sean talked about the other side of experience. Though experience certainly gives us wisdom, yet we often universalize a small fear or bad experience. Such experiences then create baggage which creates layers & layers of false beliefs and fears. Interestingly, as Sean pointed out, after a while, we start feeling comfortable with those layers and the colored glasses. Sean gave us the solution too- "Just Jump" (out of them). 

And then we all jumped. 

(News clipping "Bridging Gaps'-DNA, Mumbai)

Interesting Interactions

I had some interesting interactions with the participants too. I met an laughter teacher, Mr Radhacharan Chaudhary, who taught me about, “One More Emotion 'Unconditional'”

He gave a new lesson, "Laugh unconditionally for few minutes every day. Laughter is contagious and you can't enjoy it in solitude." Powerful lessons indeed.

Some of the prominent participants included, Ms Sunita Bhuyan - a violinist who conducts leadership workshops through the flow of music , Mr Navnit Narayan - Chief Delivery Officer - Idea and Mr. Gopu Raman - Director BNI.
(Photo-Sean Smith, with Radhacharan Chaudhary)

                                                                                             (Story written by Dr Amit Nagpal)

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About Sean Smith

Sean Smith, "The Premier Breakthrough Coach" is a Certified Master Results Practitioner who helps individuals and business owners identify and destroy the obstacles that are holding you back so you can start living the lifestyle of your dreams right now.

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About Venus Academy
Venus Academy was founded five years ago, by professionals with a rich talent-database & network in the industry. Manish Tayal, Chartered Accountant by profession is currently heading the organisation. 

Venus Academy is India's largest organiser of educational seminars. In the past, Venus has organised talks by the most reputed international speakers including John Gray, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and so on.


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