The Emotional Rollercoaster-A Storytelling Ride

Here are some stories and musings on love and wisdom:-

 One lesson is enough for a lifetime

The disciple asks the Guru, "There are so many lessons to learn in life. Sometimes I get confused what to learn and what not to."

The Guru says, "It depends whether you want to learn many lessons at a shallow level or just one lesson deeply. It depends upon whether you are an extensive or intensive learner."

The Guru adds further, "If you choose a higher lesson like wisdom, empathy or unconditional love, you need to practice it for a lifetime to truly imbibe it. And then, one lesson is enough for a lifetime."

One More Emotion 'Unconditional'
I met an interesting laughter teacher today. He taught me a new lesson, "Laugh unconditionally for few minutes every day.

Laughter is contagious and you can't enjoy it in solitude."

The Emotional Rollercoaster
And the storyteller told the audience, "I am all set take you for a ride. Are you ready?"

The audience looked puzzled about the upcoming ride. Yet one youngster gathered enough courage to get up and ask, "Please don't take us Indians for a ride. At home, the family is pressurizing for marriage. At work, the boss keeps reminding of the low bargaining power and demand & supply situation. At public services, governments hardly serve and rather behave like our masters. Isn't everyone already taking us for a ride?"

The storyteller announced a different kinda ride, 
"I am going to make you laugh and cry, 
throb your hearts and make you jump with joy.
This ride is just an emotional rollercoaster. 
Which makes you express all the emotions, 
And I'm surely not a boaster."


Where America meets India -'Just two and I get true'
And I told my friend, "You know Americans and westerners are moving towards more and more authenticity. They talk about authentic leadership, authentic self, authentic branding and so on. They even say, "Vulnerability is the new black", and sharing the true vulnerable self is getting in fashion."

My friend replied, "I have always been my true self on every Friday night. I just go to the club in the evening and my feminine or true side starts coming out. I talk a lot, get emotional, share some secrets and frustrations" Then he paused, smiled and added, "All I need is 'Just two'.... to get true."

Have a Creative Day
The disciple, "Best stories or any creative output for that matter come from the heart and the soul. And often there is inspiration or channeling from the 'Divine Creator.'"

The Guru, "Oh yes, yet the best editing and sculpting is done by the mind only. So be soulful and mindful both"

Just Happens
Sometimes you just write, the rest happens.
Sometimes you don't even write, it just happens. 

Catch Me If You Can
He was late for the flight. As soon as the playful pilot saw him running towards the plane, he quickly started the engines and played the song, "Catch me, if you can."

He walked like a butterfly, yet the pilot stinged like the bee....and quick he flee...


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