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 Stories and Musings on wisdom and unconditional love

It's the sensitive empath, who ends up as a loner

"I hate you.", he told her.

She was shocked to hear such strong words, and said, "But why? What have I done to deserve this?"

And he said, "Just because I want to be deeply, unconditionally loved. And that is surely not what I feel."

"Oh my God! Is that so? "she noted with a visibly perturbed face. And they both just broke down into tears.

His soul wanted to connect again, yet the analytical mind started thinking, "Is it the empaths and over-sensitive people who often end up becoming loners? Do those who are most loving-empathetic end up alone?"

The reflections began too, "Sometimes, I easily make out the conditionality of human love and sometimes I expect sensitivity, which is...."

Hatred originates from hurt. Hurt originates from love. So complex, yet so simple the "human story."

First Story

First impression is often the last impression and first story is often the last story.


All is well that ends well

A story is well that ends well.

Twist and give a beautiful ending to your story.

Heal Your Story

First write your healing story.
Then create an inspiring story.

When the pain is healed, 
from the womb of pain emerges, "A Magical Story".


Helter & skelter the poor guy ran thereafter

And he began to tease her, "Why is it that you look all the more beautiful in the company of children and dogs? Is it the magic of unconditional love?"

She held his shirt's collar .....and helter & skelter, the poor guy ran thereafter.

The Soul Searching
Life took her to the very edge. And on the edge, she began soul searching.

After moving in the traps of vicious circles of life for years, one fine day she finally found her center. And then began an enchanting story.

So go tell your story and rule the hearts.
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