"'Old Stories' need to be replaced by 'New Stories'" -Stories and Musings

Mini Stories and Musings on Wisdom and Love


The Truth

The disciple, "I think people have become too scared, masked and diplomatic. Truth is the last thing they like to speak. How do I get the truth out of them?"

The Guru, "Yes that is very much true. People avoid speaking the truth and it is often pushed out. I think in office, people speak the truth (and forget the politics) when put under pressure. At home, the truth often comes out accidentally during a fight. And all that one was trying to hide or delay is laid bare."

He added, "Yet, remember that it is more important to be kind than to be true. Truth is not always good as our society is not courageous enough to face it."


The Power of Inspiring Stories

What does a demoralized nation need?
Inspiring Story

What does a nation need, which has lost it's glory?
Inspiring Story

What does a nation need, which wants to regain it's glory?
Inspiring Story

Old stories must be replaced by new stories

Beliefs cannot be changed, 
they have to be rather replaced.
For the old stories in the mind, 
must be replaced by a new set of stories.

LOL-In Love with Questions

"By the time the mind became wise enough to find the answers, it had fallen in love with the questions."


Long long distance love affair

"You have a magically enchanting voice. You can be an excellent RJ.", he gave her a sincere compliment straight from the heart. 

She was probably a deep thinker and said habitually, "Hmmm."

And he also added in a teasing tone, "Hmmmmmmmm."

She continued after the pause, "I can be this. I can be that. I don't even know what am I going to be."

He reassured her, "When the student is ready, the teacher appears. You need to make yourself more receptive to the magic of Universe."

He continued, "You have waved a magical wand at me and changed my life. You are the co-creator of everything that I do."

She looked puzzled and asked, "But why am I not able to do magic to myself?"

He replied with a charismatic smile, "One can't do magic to oneself. The human destinies are inter wined and we can only do magic to one another. Would you mind if I do magic to you?"

And so continued a long long distance love affair. But then don't you feel a heart to heart connection sometimes with someone thousands of miles away and at other times, you do not feel any connection, with someone sitting right next to you.

Life is much more stranger than fiction after all.

"Will you marry me?"

He sat on his knees and proposed her with a ring and a rose, "Will you?"

Mischievious she was and utilized every possible opportunity. So she answered the question with a question," But aren't we already married? "

He said with a shocked look, "What? Don't shock me again dear."

She replied, "I believe we are mentally, emotionally, spiritually bonded already. All we need now is a legal stamp and a social approval. Isn't it?."

"Ahh", and he heaved a sigh of relief.

"Looking at your smile is a meditation moment"

"You know what?", she asked.

"Don't give me another pleasant shock. You have already given too many.", he teased.

"Even our family doctor once told me, "You are a pure soul."" Oh the poor guy, she had shocked him again.

"That's why I call you, "Sweet little girl in the big wide world" and I feel so protective.", he replied with a charmed smile.

"But still I am being troubled by so many conflicting thoughts. What do I do to find peace?" she asked, reposing full faith in him as usual.

"Put yourself 100 % in a task and any task becomes a meditation. Looking at your soulful smile is a meditation moment for me.", he advised, almost in a state of trance, fully absorbed in her smile.

"Hmmmm" came her standard answer.

"Don't you fall in love with me"

Don't you fall in love with me,
For I am not even sure, if I be (exist).
May be I am,"Just a Myth",
May be I am,"Just a Story".

You'd rise in love & bask in glory,
If you too believe, you're a mere story.
In that case, we could journey together,
And surely become "A Myth Forever."

Or may be, we'll live in immortal glory,
As not just myth but one "Epic Story".

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