There is 'A story behind everything' and shhh.....

.................there is 'Something behind every story'

Mini-Stories on Love & Wisdom


"Don't watch my films"

The filmmaker told his girlfriend, "Either you have to marry me or you should never watch my films."

The girlfriend obviously surprised by the statement, asked him, "Is it supposed to be a threat in disguise?"

He replied, "It is not a threat at all, it is rather a practical advice out of concern for you. You know, my heroine would be just like you; big eyes, pretty smile, playful yet serious, soulful, shy and sensitive. And of course, at times intellectual and devilish too like you are. So everytime, you would watch my film, you would see a mirror and it would remind you of all those beautiful moments, we had spent together. Now you know what I mean, so take your call.""

"I am so happy, she fought with me"

And he told his friend, " I am so happy today. After an year of relationship, my girlfriend finally fought with me today. She sounded sarcastic and a bit possessive too."

The friend was obviously shocked and asked, "We lived & loved for the first few years. Now my wife has started fighting with me almost everyday. I am tired of it. What makes you so happy?"

He replied, "You fight with someone only when you get close. A little posessiveness is a healthy sign too. But I think in your case, you have got a bit too close. May be, it is time to give each other some space."


The last day at Gurukul

The disciple goes to the Guru on the last day of education and gives the Guru dakshina (a form of repayment). Before leaving he asks the Guru, "I hope I repaid to some extent what I received from you, though the debt of the teacher & the parents can never be fully repaid."

The Guru replies, "I am happy that you are grateful. Just remember an important lesson of life, the mind can never repay for something, which was given from the soul."

She broke down and began to cry

"I want to pray straight from the heart. Why does my mind become a wall between you and me? I try so hard yet I fail. God, how do I ensure my prayers reach you? Help me, help me, help me.", she surrendered, broke down and began to sob. 

And God answered through the inner voice, "You are very close yet you don't need to try harder. You have to find your own unique path. Dance, sing, story or paint. Sculpt, draw, write or serve." 

The voice continued, "Do what the heart says and your heart will connect you to my heart. Let your work become your offering to me, your prayer. "

She loved to dance. So she played soothing music and danced for hours together. And one day, she reached trance in the dance.

And dance had became her prayer now. Dance could make her laugh, dance could make her cry and dance could merge her with divine too. 

She had bloomed into a new woman, a real woman, a divine woman ..... she was worthy of being worshipped now.

(Inspiration : Bharat Soka Gakkai)

The days of T-20

Someone asked me recently, "Why do you write mini-stories, why not longer ones?"

I replied, "We live in the days of shorter attention spans and attention deficit disorder. We are moving from the test matches and one-days to T-20s. Aren't we? "


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