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Sincerity and Drama

For a storyteller, sincerity is like a deposit in the bank account, and the drama is like a withdrawl. The bigger our bank deposit, the more carefree we can be in withdrawing once in a while.

If there is more of drama and less of sincerity in our story, "We are surely heading for bankruptcy." 

The hell and heaven story 

The over-sensitivity of creatives is their hell.
The solitude or inner silence is their heaven.

Love and empathy are their rollercoaster, one minute in hell and the next in heaven.

Guys, enjoy the thrilling ride sometimes, and just forget the 'damned story'.

The Soulful Story 

The soulful story is a beautiful journey, 

The soulful journey is a beautiful story. 

A Jolt From the Blue- The Hint Language 

I was chatting with a top bureaucrat recently and his statement almost jolted me. He said when strength talks to strength ( the people at the top) they prefer hint language because a hint is enough for the wise and self-respect/ egos are not hurt even if there is a rejection of the proposal or idea. 

He continued that the hint language is popular among CEOs/CXOs, top bureaucrats and top government & business leaders. And what really jolted me was, when he smiled & added that one of the most powerful tools in hint language is 'Story.'

It was not a bolt from the blue, it was rather a 'Jolt from the Blue.'

 L.I.F.E. stands for Love Invited For Ever 

We all burn everyday. Some burn with fire of revenge and anger, some burn with fire of enthusiasm and passion.

Let your life stand for, "Love Invited For Ever", love for work, love for people and love for life.

Human to Human

Great storytellers need a human to human relationship with everyone, be it story co-creators, story audience or even story characters.

The starting point of great storytelling is "Being Human" and the next step is behaving human to human.

The Soulmates 

Story and Empathy are Soulmates because;

Great Story creates Empathy, 
Empathy creates Great Story. 


"I too 'Live Your Story'"

I feel elated to see your cheerful smile,
And saddened by a single tear in your eye.
With a heart to heart bond that we share,
I too, yes I too, "Live your Story."

The Magic of Pure Souls

If she was a pure soul, then so was he. And they had continued to cast magic on each other.

A new chapter was on the cards. Now the time had come to evolve and spread the magic, to give back to the world which had bestowed both of them, with loads of affection. Giving back was not enough, giving their best mattered to both. Would they co-create inspiring films or write romantic novels to bring love into this world again? They began to look for hints from the Universe.

They themselves were on a path to joy and bliss. Women have been stereotyped, as those who tempt and distract men from their path but was she leading him to light? Was he leading her to light too? Only the time would tell the answers.

The mystery remained for now.

The Smart Girl

The girl had the metro smartness while her parents were simple small town guys. They wanted her to get married soon and were looking for a suitable groom using multiple options. 

If she liked a guy, she would send her FB photos and if she didn't, she would send the PAN and Aadhar card photos. And for every rejection she deeply craved for, she would express her heartfelt gratitude to the Government of India for its support. 

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