"Has she come for a reason or a season or a lifetime? " and other mini stories

Mini-Stories and Musings on Wisdom and Love


Storytellers cannot afford heart-walls

Real life often pushes people to build heart-walls or become hard-hearted. Yet a storyteller cannot afford a heart wall, in fact a storyteller starts to feel the pain of others too.

How can you describe pain without feeling the pain? How can you describe the roller coaster of life without a first hand experience? Imagination has its limits and too much imagination can result in loss of authenticity. If a storyteller is scared of experiencing the emotional roller-coaster of life, how can she/he take the audience on the bumpy ride of story? 

The deeper the empathy you will develop, the more touching and impactful will be your story. It will make people burst into laughter or break down into tears. Sometimes these tears will heal your audience because the flowing of tears will be the release of emotional blockage and letting go of pain.

The higher the intensity of emotions you feel, the more intense will be your story. The more intense your story, the deeper it will touch upon the hearts and souls of your audience and become cathartic and transformational. 

Happy storytelling...

 "Stop....don't make me feel more guilty"

The father was on his deathbed and wanted to leave a last message for his son. So he called him and told him, "Parents do the best possible for the children. Yet they are often not able to do, all that they wish to do."

Then he began sharing his story with his son. He shared how he was brought up by an uncle as his parents had died in an accident. He recounted how all those experiences shaped him as a person, and how he turned into an emotional rock from an hypersensitive child. 

The son had held so many grudges against the father for all these years. The more he listened to his father's story, the more the grudges converted into guilt. 

And finally the son broke down and said, "I wish you had communicated this story a few decades back. Probably I would have understood your back story and not developed all these grudges. But now I am feeling more and more guilty. The only thing I can do now is pray for your soul to rest in peace..."

But then wishes are not horses and the drama of human life goes on and on because the stories don't come on time. 

And sometimes, "Better late than never", does not apply to life, in real sense of the term.

The Tragic Weakness

She went to her coach and asked him, "I have an honest confession to make. I have no talent, no gift...may be I am good for nothing."

The coach replied, "As in the plays of Shakespeare, all human beings have a tragic weakness. It stops us from discovering and manifesting our true potential. It destroys us from inside, the way rust destroys iron."

He added, "Very often we don't even know our tragic weakness and its intensity. I have noticed, you crib a lot. The day you will replace the cribbing attitude with loads of gratitude, you will find your answers. And this is going to require loads of reflection and course correction. My heartiest best wishes for your journey."

Personal life or Professional life ? The Dilemma

The disciple asks the Guru, "The more shrewd I become, the faster I grow in my professional life and survive office politics. Yet it somehow casts an evil shadow on my personal life. Am I supposed to chose between the two? Can I not have both- happy personal and professional lives?"

The Guru, "You can't have a split personality, shrewd & cunning at office and soulful & loving at home. It is going to cast its shadow. Yet I believe that sometimes you can rise faster by politicking upto middle management, but to reach the top it is more important to be a genuine leader of people."

He added, "Do you want to go fast (and be left alone) or you want to go far (and enjoy a good personal life too) ? Your life, your choice."

Just just just the Story

Our words tell stories, 
Our silence tells stories, 
Our gestures tell stories, 
Our stillness tell stories, 
We see a story everywhere,
And all that we see is,
"Just, Just, Just the Story."


"I like you so much......You remind me of my foolishly innocent days."

And he told her, “You are little mischievous yet pure-hearted, full of life & energy….. and genuine smiles. introvert at times, sensitive, serious yet playful.....intensely romantic, sweet and cute, little devilish in peer group to belong and defend....intelligent. ...affectionate, loving and soulful....confident outside yet sometimes self-doubt inside.....emotional and empathetic, inclined to introspect, ....eager for a purpose in life where you can put all the emotions you are overflowing with.....ambitious yet caring for society.....You are too much like me....though I have won over many of my weaknesses.”

He added, “Am I seeing a mirror image in you or are you actually my mirror? You surely are a bundle of contradictions, “Just like Me.” Take care little girl....God bless you.”

This was a bit too thought provoking for her. What else could she say except, "Hmmmmmm. Hmmmmm."?

"Has she come for a reason or a season or a lifetime? "

He asked the Universe, "Has she come in my life for a reason, for a season or for a lifetime?"

The Universe whispered, "You are the luckiest man in the world to receive her as a precious gift. Treasure the precious gift forever. Blessings."

And he woke up from the dream. Yet the dream was so overwhelming, it would take pretty long time to forget it.


The Quick Engagement
(Inspiration- Bryan Kramer)

The man surely had a great sense of humor. Within a few weeks of the relentless pursuit, the beautiful lady was in his arms. And soon they were engaged. 

Everyone was not just surprised but rather shocked. Someone asked the lady, "I think you were in his hook a bit too fast. Was it because of his amazing sense of humor?", and she got really embarrassed. Yet the gentleman quickly came to her rescue, "Not her fault actually. It was because of me, I behaved H2H or so Human to Human  "

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