"Bottom line is not enough. We believe in the Triple Bottom Line"

Coffee chat with Avdhesh Goel-India’s Pioneer in Triple Bottom Line

(Part I)

What does a demoralized nation need?

Inspiring Story

What does a nation need, which has lost its glory?

Inspiring Story

What does a nation need, which wants to regain its glory?

Inspiring Story

At a time, when Indian corporate world is known more for greed than anything else, there are rare entrepreneurs setting new benchmarks in sustainability in Indian business. At a time when the very concept of Triple Bottom Line (abbreviated as TBL or 3BL) was not known to most of corporate India, came a pioneer who incorporated TBL and sustainability into his business decisions. (The three Ps are people, planet and profits and are referred to as the "three pillars of sustainability). The man is none other than the Founder of the very well known real estate company ‘Earth Infrastructure’, Avdhesh Goel.

Today his organisation “Earth Infrastructure” stands robust and firm on the three pillars of people, planet and profits. When it comes to "People" Avdhesh makes sure there is equitable distribution of resources and fair & beneficial business practices. When it comes to "Planet" the company makes sure it’s commercial/construction activities are bearable for the planet and sustainable environmental practices are used. When it comes to "Profit" Avdhesh and his team make sure that the profit is viable to sustain and expand.

Avdhesh rightly points out that when distribution among people is equitable,

when business activities are bearable (for the planet)

and when profit is viable (to sustain and expand),

an organisation becomes appreciable

and it becomes a role model and its model becomes replicable.

Avdhesh is an accounting & finance professional with three of the top class industry recognized qualifications viz. CA, ICWA and CS. For Avdhesh, the cause for ‘Green’ is a cause which comes straight from the heart.

No wonder he named the organisation as ‘Earth Infrastructure’ and created a brand which is inspired to save Mother Earth through environmentally responsible construction without compromising on investor friendliness.

To tell in brief about the giant Avdhesh has created, Earth Infrastructure is into both commercial and residential projects and Earth Towne (Noida & Gurgaon) and Earth Sapphire Court (Noida) are among the many projects which stand as testimonials for the brand. He has extended its green touch to construction and development of farm-houses, resorts, luxury villas, hotels and corporate buildings too. Real Gains Estate Pvt. Ltd. another company promoted by him,  is a sole selling agent to market properties in SEZ, Software Technology Parks (STP), Hotels, Shopping Malls and residential apartments.

In continuation of his pioneering vision, Avdhesh also co-created IQ Gains with his team, which happens to be a common networking platform for High Networth Individuals (HNIs) & intellectuals in Delhi/NCR. No wonder he is considered a true networking soul. Avdhesh shared his vision for IQ Gains with us and told us, “IQ Gains – The Elite Club, is a true opportunity for HNIs, Entrepreneurs and Professionals to unleash the benefits of Intelligence Sharing, Innovation in Business Ideas, Investment Opportunities, Finding Trade & Commerce Partners, Professionals or Service Providers, Angel Investors, VCs etc.”

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To know more visit //earthinfra.com/
Story written by Dr Amit Nagpal 


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