"A Mutual Magic Society" and Other Stories

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Love



The Baggage Story

Sometimes experience is the wisdom, 
Sometimes the 'very experience' is the baggage.


"Can love and negotiation co-exist?"

The disciple, "In every adult relationship, there are negotiations. Can you love a person and negotiate at the same time?"

The Guru, "Of course, you can. In a loving relationship, there are gentle negotiations to create win-win for both the persons."

Our Worst Story

We all need someone, 

Who focusses on our best,
Brings out our very best, 
And who once in a while, honestly tells us,
The worst in us, which is diluting our best.

And when your best comes out, 
You are all set to rock the world.


"I am not feeling 'J'"

"I know you have a huge fan following. ..and I am your biggest fan.", he told her softly.

"So are you feeling J?", she teased.

"I am not an enlightened soul. So I do feel insecure and a bit possessive at times. I am not 'J' though because I secretly admire the fact that my soulmate must be special to have so many admirers."

"Hmmmm. Oh really?” she smiled with her eyes this time.


A Mutual Magic Society

He sent a message on chat, "Yours words are simply magic and they leave me spellbound."

She said, "And so are yours. Have we formed a mutual magic society?"

He continued, "Let's move to the next step. I look forward to a day when we would walk up the stage together and just enthrall everyone. Will we?"

She replied, "Yes, we would just swoosh the magic all around. Let's just do it."

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