'She Came and Work Became Play' and Other Stories



She Came and Work Became Play
"Really, he had got tired of hardwork and the slow results. She was so soulful, playful and funful (loving) that as soon as she came, the work became play.

She re-energized him and brought out his hidden playful soul. He began to ponder, "The mind finds a mindmate to argue and act foolish. Only when you become a pure soul, you deserve & find a soulmate."

And they played at work happily thereafter."

Go Become 'Love Personified'.
The disciple, "Love is missing in my life. What do I do?"
The Guru, "Go and become 'love personified'."

And he added with a cheeky smile, "I assure you, after some time you will find so much love, you will come and ask me, "Guruji, I am flooded with so much love, how do I handle or reciprocate it?""

The Love and Pride Story
And she asked him, "So you want me to stay fit, look good and have high self esteem too. If not, you won't love me. It means your love is conditional."

And he replied, "Absolutely not. My love is unconditional and I love you irrespective of anything. Yet my pride in you is conditional and subject to these factors. Do you want me to have pride in you? I want you to have pride in me."

The Mysterious Story
Along with the stories, "She too became world famous. Yet she remained anonymous."
She certainly was the mysterious part of the story.

And She Got Wild
She started scolding him, this time online,"Why do you waste so much time in chatting? You are supposed to be in office."

And he told her, "When I chat with you, I am still working...coz' I get creative & story ideas from your playful energy. My dear, you are so soulful and the soul is always playful. And you know best stories come from the soul, more so in the company of the soulful."

She dropped her playfulness and rather got wild now. And then she screamed on the screen, "So you chat with me to get your 'damned stories'? Grrrrr"

And the cornered storyteller signed out meekly thereafter.


Not a Fantasy, yet a Fantastic Story
And they told the storyteller, "Real life is not a fantasy...real life is not a 'happily everafter' story."

The storyteller replied, “Yes real life is not a fantasy. Yet real life can be a fantastic story provided we shed our doubts and fears and do everything with love & affection. "

Successful or Soulful?
The disciple, "What is the difference in the behavior of people in Kaliyuga & Satyuga?"

The Guru,"Many differences. In Kaliyuga, people have pride in associating with successful people. In Satyuga, people have pride in associating with soulful people."

The disciple, "I agree about the pride factor yet you are generalizing about soulful vs successful. My experience says that many successful people are soulful too."

The Guru, "You have a point. Agreed. "

The Peer Pressure Story
In a recent workshop on storytelling for an NGO, I got a chance to interact with young addicts.

Discussions with them revealed their innermost stories. It is not always peer pressure. Lot of times, what they are seeking is peer affection, (which is) missing at home.

Lot of times, it is a fear of isolation, which becomes an internal pressure. Majority of these youngsters came from super rich families with both parents busy in their professional lives.

And what they needed the most and sought from their group is surely unconditional love.

The Self-Deprecation Story
"The best storytellers often learn to laugh at themselves, .....in fact, they are often masters at the very art of self-deprecation.....yet the contradiction is, that the audience is laughing at their stories, and not at them."

The Society's Story
"Some follow the social norms...... some take the society one level up to a new set of norms and then only a new chapter is written in the society's story.

Greatness of course, belongs to the second category."

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