The Divine & Devil And Other Stories

The Divine and the Devil

"You know what?..... I like it when you act a bit devilish. It shows your brutal honesty...and you show both....your divine and devilish colours. And I also like it, because you are not trying to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.", he told her. 

And then he added, "You are either a wolf in wolf's clothing or a sheep in sheep's clothing. I salute your authenticity and immense courage to present both sides of the coin."

He smiled, looked straight into her eyes and assured her, "To bring out your complete divine, well that is my job. Isn't it?"

And she looked at him, a bit dazed thereafter.

The Abundance Story

Never pray, "I don't have money." or "I don't have love." The Universe rewards abundance mentality not scarcity.

Rather pray, "I have money and I would be happier with a bit more. I have love ...... I have success......" And they surely flow.

And don't forget to spread it, when you get it. 
  The Authentic Story

And he told her, "My dear, I love the photos in which "You are just 'You'"....the authentic self....not trying to pose for the world, as per the world. ...and then you look what you are......simply divine and it's only then you tell your true story."

The God's Secret Story

The mega successful entrepreneur was sharing his story, "I worked, worked and worked and made money yet never made big money. Then I prayed, prayed and prayed and I made it really big." 

And he asked the audience, "So what is the moral of the story? "

An innocent teenager got up and replied, "Simple. It seems God has lot of black money which he gives only to those who pray."

Don't Tell me a Story Please

The storyteller stared at his rebellious teenaged daughter. It surely was a scaring look.

She immediately said, "I will do exactly what you say. But for God's sake, please don't tell me a story."

And the rebellion ended happily thereafter.

All that Flows Now is Stories

"Even blood had stopped flowing in his veins. 'Coz all that was flowing now......were stories."

Living Your Story

"I wish I could understand you a hundred percent.

But wonder if I could do that, without living your story." 

And More Stories
 And he asked the storyteller, "Tell me more about what you're working on."
The Storyteller, "My lifelong or liveslong agenda is stories and more stories and even more stories. And I keep working on either writing/speaking or training/coaching, 'The art of storytelling."
Brief Profile

Dr Amit Nagpal is Chief Inspirational Storyteller at AL Services. He is an Author, Speaker/Trainer and Coach. He is also a Social Media Influencer and blogs on Linkedin as LinkedIn Influencer-MarketingHis special interest and expertise lies in inspirational storytelling, anecdotes and visual storytelling for brand building. To know more, visit

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