The Lion King's 'Fierce Song'

The Lion King's 'Fierce Song'-

An Inspirational Poem
(Dedicated to Dr Daisaku Ikeda, on his birthday)


Life chooses the teacher, life chooses the lesson,
No option here of science or history.
No choice but to be an obedient student, &
Just play my role assigned in the story.

Life told, ''What cannot be cured must be endured.''
And if it has to be endured, then better do it cheerfully.
Life is the supreme umpire, the bowler and the fielder too,
You, a mere batsman, with hawks around, so play skillfully.

Life is no less than Maugham's stories with surprises galore,
And those turns & U turns and unexpected endings.
You often don't get what's your very right, your due,
Yet you get a miracle too... in life's twists and bendings.

When you plan, you can hear God saying 'Ho-Ho'.
When you don't, its guilt embedded in brain's wire.
Life sometimes behaves like that ruthless ringmaster,
And humbles you like the lion king, who just jumps the fire.

Let me tell you dear life, 

"The lion king, however humbled cannot be trapped for too long.
It breaks every cage one day and roars its very own 'Fierce Song'."

Poem by Dr Amit Nagpal
3rd January, 2014


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