Everything is a story, yet nothing is a story

My Teacher and "leading voice of business storytelling Michael Margolis" says, "Everything is a story, yet nothing is a story."   

Life and people can be a bundle of contradictions. From one perspective, nothing is real and everything is just story. From another perspective, everything is real and nothing is mere story. Here are some inspirational posts, which are not stories and yet have a story touch. (many of them inspired by my Guru).:-

The Motivation Story
What drives us the most in adult life, is what was missing in the childhood.  

Find the missing link in your motivation story.

When Life-story Gets Stuck
When your story is stuck and refuses to move .....don't give up, what is hiding behind is often a twist in the story.

Keep Climbing your Story
"When you consistently climb few steps everyday and focus on the distance covered rather than the distance left....the heart says that the mountain peak is not too far and tells you to keep climbing your story."

The Attention Story
"Some people do funny things to attract attention. Some are so so positive ....that it attracts attention.

And I pray for such a positive world, where even a bit of cynicism attracts attention."

Telepathy or a Magical Story
"When two people think of each other affectionately, with pure or positive energy, it manifests in several ways. ..coincidences, serendipity, funny things sometimes.....call it telepathy or give it another name, the Universe reminds us of its magic...of something more."


Let me end with an actual story, 

 "And Those who Inspire"
The Guru is lost in thoughts this time and the disciple is obviously surprised. So he asks the Guru for the reason.

The Guru, “Those who teach need to learn too. Those who inspire need inspiration too. Those who are strong have weak moments too. Yet it is human nature to label and brand people."

The disciple gets into introspective mode and leaves.

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