'On Deeper Relationships' and Other Stories

On Deeper Relationships
The disciple, “Guruji, you told me to give attention to detail (in 2014), in giving love and affection. Please guide, how do I develop deeper relationships with people.”

The Guru, “Very simple, try to rise above base feelings into higher emotions like unconditional love. Till the time you evolve, speak less and express higher emotions when you speak. Be careful not to express selfish and base feelings. "

He added, "Slowly increase the consciousness of the energy you are sending and try to make it positive and affectionate. You will form deep relationship with everyone you meet. Stay blessed, stay inspired.”


The Soulful Story  
He worshipped her, yes he did worship her 'pure soul' though sometimes he would nudge her not to use the mind. And she kept on becoming more and more soulful thereafter.


The Surprise Hug Story
 "His father was unexpressive or maybe he had his own ways of expressing affection. He had never hugged his son, as far as the son could remember.
So one fine day, the son just caught hold of him, I mean, held him, and gave him a tight hug".

The Pure White Story
Aha! those jet black hair, and those jet black eyes.  
And on top of all that, she wore a jet black top.

She looked like a jetsetter, she looked that 'trendsetter'.  
Her movements were swift, her actions were quick.

Yet even from a distance, he held the remote,  
Of her beautiful heart & soul that he dote,  

For the world 'could only see', the jet black outside,  
And he 'only could sense' her pure white (soul) story.


Your 'Very Story'

"Sometimes in those stories you found your answers, sometimes in those stories, you found your 'very story'."

All smileys....no 'All smiles'  
She would send him a smiley...and he would imagine her 'smile'. And then he was 'all smiles'....for having made her 'smile'.

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