Interesting Experiences, Amazing Characters and a Life Full of Stories

A Life Full of Stories

And they asked the storyteller, "So what was the best gift you got from the Universe?"

The storyteller, "A life-story packed with stories..... or full of interesting experiences with amazing characters, each worth a story."


What the hell Dr Amit, do all my questions have only one answer?
The client asked me, “I want to give the same message online and offline. What is the solution?
My answer-Story

Client-I don’t want to sound self-promotional. I want to integrate social interest too. How do I make my message meaningful?
Me- Story

Client-Is there a tool, which can make my message educative and entertaining at the same time?

Client-Can I align my personal and business brands and build them together? If yes, how?

Client-I want to share same or similar message on mass media and social media? What is the solution?

Client-What the hell, do all my questions have only one answer? Is storytelling some kind of panacea or omnipotent tool?
Me-(Of course, I can’t say, "What the hell" to a client) That’s true, all your questions and problems have only one answer, “The Story”


Magical Stories
Simply put, a great story has 3 components viz.
a) Finely etched characters
b) Detailed description of ambience (what goes on outside/around the characters)
c) Description of emotional nuances (what goes on inside the characters)

And it goes without saying that a thread weaves all these three components into a fine sequence of events, resulting in a magical story.


The Curse and the Blessing
And they asked him, "What makes your stories so interesting, empathetic and yet so full of life?"
The storyteller, "In Chinese there is a curse, 'May you live in interesting times.' .......So God told me,"May you live in 'interesting times'(then she paused and added) and write 'interesting stories' too."


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