Joy Comes From.....

A Guest post by Preeti Subberwal
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For me, joy comes from

1.       Joy of loving myself – Accepting yourself the way you are, not being judgmental of yourself, be able to connect to our soul instead of getting bogged down by our physical flaws and appreciating our talents.

2.       Joy of giving – joy of making contributions to the people around me, to the society and the world at large…joy of gratitude..always being in ‘Thank you’ mode – we crave for appreciation and gratitude as humans, so lets give that so that we are able to attract it as much as we can.

3.       Joy of being in a passionate relationship – whether its with your partner..or with your friends..or children.

4.       Joy of giving a 100% to all my activities – when I am sure, I have given my best…putting my best foot forward always.

5.       Joy of looking at my best – feel fit and look good…well groomed.

6.       Joy of revival – getting  a head massage or a spa…relaxing and meditation.

7.       Joy of being with kids – who are so pure, give selfless love, their curiosity, their genuineness.

8.       Joy of being human – with infinite capacity and potential, and only mammal with emotions…no limitations.

9.       Joy of sowing the seeds of peace, harmony, love, happiness…in my subconscious mind…and not grow weeds being influenced by the negative forces…Garbage in..Garbage out…feeding the subconscious with positive affirmations, the positive memories and experiences and rejecting the negative ones.

10.   Joy of emotional housecleaning – no clutter in the form of ..emotional baggage etc.

11.   Joy of being in my most resourceful state most of the time – high life condition – when I base myself on my greater self.
Preeti is a Sr Manager with Comviva Technologies (A Bharti Airtel group company) and also conducts life skills training programs for her organisation.

If you would like to share your story of where you find joy, write to me at


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