World Wide Web or World Wide Wow

WWW = World Wide Web or World Wide Wow

Because Digital is Magical

"In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes."- Andy Warhol

I am loving it!

The popularity of social media and networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Youtube and Linkedin in the past few years has brought the concept of personal branding to the developing countries and made it affordable for the middle class also to build personal brands.

One pleasant shock after another

In fact, in one of my recent talks, I used the term, “Digital is Magical”. Internet and digital marketing have pleasantly shocked me time and again. At the most, I had expected national recognition to come fast, personal branding being a new industry in India. But yo, I keep on getting one surprise after another. If surprised me, by listing my blog (in less than 6 months of its launch), was not far behind and linked to one of my articles, “Discover your deepest passion” on its website. 

If Spiritual Networks (world's largest spiritual organisation) surprised me by consistently tweeting my blog articles on meditation and spirituality, HT (Hindustan Times) journalist added to my surprises by calling me from Mumbai to interview me for a story on personal branding (the interesting news is that she found me through Google). If LinkedStrategies included my article in their Best of Best List on Linkedin resources, Slideshare added to the wow by sending me a mail that my presentation on Latest and Innovative Training Methodologies (21,000 + views) is being featured on Homepage.

In fact Google has been throwing surprises at me too. My blog, which is being read in 100 plus countries is getting ranked in first 3 pages (global searches) for so many terms like deepest passion, meditation charisma, the joys of teaching and of course personal branding in India (and related terms) and so on.I am yet to use SEO tools and the results are already awesome (I use my common sense with deep passion though). What if I do use SEO, PPC and innovative ads on Facebook and Linkedin? 

Personal Branding is damn easy

Let us look at some of the key features of these tools which make it easy to build personal brands.

·    User-friendliness of computers and internet has encouraged even techno phobic people to adopt internet and you can even find 75 year olds on Facebook etc.

·    Most of these tools (basic versions) are free and anyone can make a Facebook Page, a Blog or create a Linkedin or Twitter account.

·    New free online tools are coming up every day and they include sites like, Referral Key, Visual CV and so on.

·    Several tools are available to share your knowledge and build your brand as a domain expert including Linkedin groups, Quora, forums and so on.

·    Newer services are available like media monitoring from which monitors your online coverage besides Google alerts of course.

·    More and more niche sites are coming up, such as ecademy for networking of entrepreneurs.

·    Google+‘s idea of segregating what you share with friends, family and professional relationships is also wonderful and removes the biggest weakness of social media.

Networked Television will bring more miracles

In future, TV will get completely integrated (rather merge) with internet (networked television) and those who are experts in online marketing will receive a huge benefit in this new world.

Three cheers for internet marketing!!!
So discover your passion and leave the rest to the world of digital. Because Digital is Magical.


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