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Yesterday, I was reading an article on thought leadership and I started pondering whether I am a thought leader in any field. My prime area of interest is 'Personal Branding' which is about Branding and Personal Growth. But personal branding is quite old to the western world (though new to India).

After reading the best of literature available on personal growth, I felt the most advanced tool (and tool of the future) for personal growth is meditation (or similar tools in spirituality). 

After practicing meditation for 3 years, I could clearly feel a surge in intuition, alertness and wisdom (I am appreciating meditation and not myself) which comes from meditation.

Many universities in US have set up centers for spirituality, even in MBA institutes. The 'Center for Spirituality and the Mind' at the University of Pennsylvania is using brain imaging technology to examine and investigate how spiritual beliefs affect our health and behavior. Dr. Andrew Newberg, Director of the center says that they are looking at spirituality from a neurological point-of-view, from the brain-mind side

The fact that meditation (and spiritual tools) can help us become better leaders and entrepreneurs is slowly getting acceptance. In fact, drawing the wisdom within, is the ultimate goal of every human being. Once I posted on Facebook, "If we practice meditation regularly, half of the problems we will not even create and rest half we will solve rather than  aggravate." 'Leading with Wisdom' is a great book available on Amazon on the subject of leadership and spirituality. 

Even when I talk about personal branding and social media, I always emphasize upon the importance of continuous personal growth to become successful on socal media. I call it the softer side of social media. Something, which really touched me recently was a photo on Facebook which said, "I can only give the best of myself to others when I am in touch with the best in me." Are we in touch with the best in us, call it soul or inner voice or sub-conscious mind or whatever (semantics do not matter to me) ? My friend, Peter Sterlacci talks of the fact that we always have 'To do" lists and not 'To be' lists.

Based on my social media experiences, I developed my own unique approach to Personal Branding which I call, "Enlarge, Excel & Evolve."

Once a friend asked, "Are you a Thought leader?" I joked, "Interested in becoming a thought leader in 'Thoughtless Leadership'." A truly thoughtful leadership, which comes with a state of thoughtlessness.
Source: Uploaded by user via Dr on Pinterest

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