I am not Smart Enough to Quit

A Guest Post by Bob Rees, The Innovator -Bubble Bob

It's kind of funny, I was out in my garage working on another idea and that one didn't work the way I wanted it too (not good enough to impress), and the bubble toy (garage built version), sort of just clicked in my brain.  I made one and tested it in my garage..then I waited a few minutes to try it again, to see if the results were the same (making sure the first time wasn't just pure luck)..and it still worked..then I thought to myself, well I have two sons, I better make two of them..  :)

I took them (bubble-worms) into my house (dining room) and placed a towel on my kitchen table, wife and boys didn't know what I was doing.. I let my boys play with them, and I still remember to this day..my oldest boy who was only 8 years old at the time...said "Dad..the grill's ok..but this is going to make you money"..so what did I do..continue making the grill better because that was in my world (camping, outdoors, etc)..  

Note:  The grill was just prototype 1 of the garage built that he was  comparing to.  :)

I finally made an appointment with a patent attorney..to show my portable grill and collapsible charcoal chimney (garage built versions), and for some reason I decided to take one of the bubble-worms with me (garage built)...so after spending about 1 1/2 hours talking about my grill, I finally asked my patent attorney if I could show him another idea (bubble-worm)  So I did..his eyes lit up and he got up from the table and said "That's it"...I didn't know what he meant but it felt great...and it was a Friday also.  :)

There are many more parts to the story..but that is basically how it started.  Once I sell my Bubble-Worm, LLC which owns the patent/idea..I plan on pursuing my other ideas.  I have more. However, the commercialization process is quite hard I am finding out.  I now know why people give up..the "idea" is the easy part..the "follow through" can wear a person out.  But I'm not smart enough to quit.

I just try to imagine different "things" and with a lot of luck and persistence..hopefully I have a marketable idea.  I'm not sure if my main goal is "innovation", I just remember reading a poster that stated "Ideas" are the currency to "Success".  And usually successful ideas will create some jobs.  I am probably a little naive to think that way, but that's just me.

It's fun identifying problems and then seeing if the solution is marketable.

Bob has worked as President and Chief Invention Officer at ROPED, LLC and as Inventor and President at Bubble-Worm, LLC. Presently Bob stays in Iowa, USA and works with Z Line Fashions.


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