Mentoring can happen on Facebook too

Here is an interaction I had with a student of mine on Facebook and it made me realize mentoring can happen on Facebook too.

Student :-Being alone for sometime makes you realize your actual self.... Its a nice feeling!!!
Me:- Introspection once in a while is good as long as u don’t do paralysis of analysis. Life is like a modern painting. If you try to understand it you can’t appreciate it
Student:- now this is something which i really appreciate about can just make any statement look positive :)

Student... :( :) :( :) :( :) ------- kabhi khushi kabhi gam... ;) (sometimes happiness, sometimes sadness)
Me:-shuruat gham se kyon, khushi se kyon nahin (why begin with sadness, why not with happiness)
I see a little girl in your face .......suppressed by a woman in your mind.
Student:-u caught me again red handed..... :)

Student:-at the end it's all about facts & it anything...relationship, business, self-assessment...anything!!!
Me:- seems true at some point of life. But there is life beyond. Relationship with space for each other, business with a sense of duty, self assessment with a sense of forgiveness
Student:-;) how come you always come up with something disturbing to mind... something questioning....I wonder.
Me:-we go through several stages in life and at a particular stage what seems correct is proved false later when we mature
Student:-very very true..i am glad that i understood to an extent what you wanted to say...

Student:-Expecting a lot from self...
Me:-expecting from self is the only expectation that does not give pain. Go ahead and do it
Student:-very true. In fact it gives you a sense of confidence & strength to achieve your dreams....


  1. Dear sir,
    somewhere in these comments i am getting reflected but still i want to know what shall i do to go a head in my life...

  2. Shed all the baagage and travel light in the journey of life. Shed all grudges, guilt, fear, all negative emotions and prepare for a new life

  3. well well well... tried out of the box things.. tried what loosers do.. tried what winners.. ultimately ended up on what i wanted to do.. learned that always learn from experiences.. no problem is bigger.. no pain is pain full.. there could be worst things.. !! finding my life on bit track.. may be i'd be able to fix it.. thanks sir for all the advices.

  4. Afreeen take care. Focus on how are you treating life rather than how is life treating you.


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