Inspiration with a dose of fun

Inspiration with a Dose of Fun
(Quotations by Dr Amit Nagpal)

Simplify Life, Amplify Happiness
Self help books are for the weak, for the strong would rather go for SELF MASTERY
Quotations of successful and wise people are like astronaut food. Astronaut takes one capsule, lunch is over; You read one quote and the lesson for the day is done
Life is simple. But the process of learning this is complicated
What appears good may be bad and what appears bad maybe good. Life is a mystery
He asked me, "What do you want in life?" I said, "I want LIFE in my life and if I get that rest will take care of itself."

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Mastering Self with Life Mantras


  1. Oh, that is cool. LIFE is my favorite cereal...just don't tell anybody, but sometimes I have two bowls.

  2. I won't tell anyone and tell people not to read it here.


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