The Joys of Mentoring

I have been very lucky to have a mentor in almost every job I had. And they have been really wonderful mentors. The first person who mentored me was Mr Ranjan Kaul at Sage Publications. He was a graduate of IIT Kanpur, a positive person and the right hand of the CEO Mr Tejeshwar Singh (well known DD anchor).

Then I joined Sahara TV. At least 50 % of what I am today I have learnt at Sahara and most of it from one single man, Mr Shailendra Verma. He is just 10 years older to me but I touch his feet with genuine respect every time I meet him. Sometimes when your personal life is going through crisis, a mentor is one person, with whom you can share your struggles and sorrows.
Next I was in ICFAI and Air Vice Marshal Mr Gurunathan mentored me. At 62 he had more energy than many colleagues half his age. Three months back, I shared a glass of beer with him at Madras Gymkhana Club. Frequently I have this urge to give him a call, listen to his powerful voice and I can actually visualise his aura.

And there have been mentors with shorter associations. Col Suni Prem at WLC is somebody I would always miss. A wonderful trainer with the most powerful voice I have ever heard in my life (except in films), he was a dream mentor.
My mentors have touched my lives in so many ways. And mentor- mentee is the only relationship in office with an emotional touch. Otherwise office is all about allies and enemies, not a place for emotional fooling around.

I started mentoring my students in 2004 without much success, as one thing or another came in the way. I mentored an emotionally weak student in 2008 successfully but with lot of time constraints. Like we all have maternal/paternal instincts, I think we also have mentoring instincts at certain age. One tends to enjoy the process of giving with the only expectations being gratitude, loyalty and respect.

I feel it’s only recently I have become competent enough to mentor someone and actually now only am I mentoring someone in the real sense of the term. One sentence which my mentee wrote to me really touched me “I have started taking things in a very positive manner, and I must thank you for this change. Earlier I used to crib a lot about things but from past few days I am finding certain changes in me. I am more happy and satisfied person” That’s what mentors are for. Seems like going back to the traditional Guru Shishya parampara (teacher student tradition).


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  1. Its strange how you bring out your experiences through words in such a simplistic manner. The mentee is a person who feel always obliged to have an upper hand above him/her. And today I feel lucky to have come across someone like you who have always demanded least in turn and offered others with best of your capabilities.
    I strongly intend not only to learn from you many untold things but also stand beside and be your strength by making you feel proud through my doings.

    May you get the best always!

  2. I am really touched. Gratitude has the power to invite miracles from the universe. But unfortunately we have become ungrateful pigs. And we are all on a fault finding mission refusing to look inside ourselves.
    I am not doing any favour as you have invited positive vibrtations from the universe by your intentions and actions.


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