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Dear Readers,
2014 is coming to an end and 2015 is eagerly waiting to embrace us. Here is a compilation for you (Best of 2014) which covers the entire range of work I do (along with my team)  from brand storytelling to stories on life and its contradictions. For reader’s convenience it has been divided into 4 sections viz A) Professional storytelling, (including visual storytelling, PowerPoint storytelling), B) Wisdom storytelling, C) Life and love storytelling and D) Spiritual storytelling.

I believe, every story has its time, yet every time has its story. Happy Storytelling.

Section A-Professional and Brand Storytelling

(i) Top 10 on LinkedIn

1) Does your LinkedIn profile tell a captivating story?

The post got 7.6 K views and 30 + likes
One of the most boring tasks in the world is to read the Linkedin profiles of your connections. They are full of jargon and overloaded with information, lengthy recommendations & everything else that can bore you to death. Even the summary of many a profile has the potential to give you a headache.

We live in an age where attention span has been subtracted (or reduced) from our lives, yet paradoxically it is called ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). In such attention deficit times, how do we make our Linkedin profile catchy, easy to read and probably with something that people remember us for? Here are my few suggestions:- (Read More)

2) Digital Storytelling-The Brahmastra Is Now Available to Everyone

Storytelling is about connecting with people and helping people to see, what you see. The good news is that "Digital and Social Media" have democratized storytelling. Now you don’t need to be a Milkha Singh (to have a film made on you) or you don’t need to be a Mahatma Gandhi or Barack Obama (for someone to write your biography). Thanks to digital and social media, everyone can share their story with the world at nominal costs. (Read More)

3) The Power of Inspirational Storytelling

Many a times in my public workshops and corporate training, I am asked, “What is the difference between 'Storytelling' and 'Inspirational storytelling'? How do we make a story inspiring?” Storytelling is an art but why we love stories has science behind it Stories stay in our mind or memory and also help us attract more customers. And as Maya Angelou rightly says, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” (Read More)

4) Empathy First, Authentic Storytelling Later

Recently I attended a webinar conducted by Michael Margolis, the leading global voice of business storytelling in which he talked about, “Telling your authentic story”. Authenticity in storytelling and other aspects of life is catching attention, especially in the western part of the world. Inspired by the webinar, I decided to write an article on authentic storytelling. Then I realized that authenticity is a very complex topic and being true means becoming more and more vulnerable too. (Read More)

5) 7 secrets of Narendra Modi’s storytelling (add bonding and branding)

I have read hundreds of articles and several books on success strategies and personal branding of India’s Prime Minister (and CEO) Mr Narendra Modi, yet I failed to find the most crucial lessons on brand storytelling, which were used by his team and campaign managers. Then I decided to meet people and journalist friends and find out the secrets from them. (Read More)

6) Doctors and Brand Storytelling

We live in the knowledge society today and doctors & other knowledge workers have an edge when it comes to personal branding through social media. Here are some of the reasons why senior doctors should develop a personal brand and how it is easy for them to do so. Senior doctors often work on revenue sharing basis with hospitals and the personal brand of the doctor therefore becomes critical. (Read More)

7) Storytelling –The Omnipotent Medicine

Storytelling is universal. It transcends languages, cultures and everything else. And the world is going back to storytelling. From Harvard Business Review to LinkedIn, from Social Media Examiner to HootSuite, everyone in the western world is going gaga over storytelling. The craze for storytelling is so much in USA that storytelling trainings and workshops are as packed as Justin Bieber concerts. What is so magical in storytelling after all? (Read More)

8) Goodbye Networking, Hello Bonding

The inspiration for the title of this article comes from Cliff Richard’s song, “Goodbye Sam, Hello Samantha.” Yes, as we gain puberty and hormonal changes take place in the body, we feel a strong physical attraction for the opposite gender. And it is time to say Goodbye Sam, for guys and Goodbye Samatha, in case of girls.(Read More)

9) Data Data everywhere and not a drop of story (Featured on LinkedIn channel)

I was fortunate to listen to Dr Bala V Balachandran sometime back. A US based management Guru and Faculty at Kellogs, he is the Founder of Great Lakes Institute of Management (and Co-Founder of MDI, Gurgaon and ISB, Hyderabad). What struck me were Dr Bala's words, "Today there is obesity of data, yet starvation of information." There is too much data out there, still lack of relevant information and information presented properly in formats such as story and infographics (which is actually visual storytelling). (Read More)

10) Branding is just the journey, 'Bonding', is the destination

When we officially launched AL Services in August 2011, we were the pioneers in India, in personal branding and digital storytelling. Besides us, the only name which existed in personal branding in India was ibrand, Mumbai. It has been a journey with plenty of twists and turns. It takes time but it pays to be a pioneer. What gives us true joy and justifies all the efforts we have put in content marketing in the past three years, is the respect/ status of leader given to us, by our competitors. (Read More)

(ii) Visual Storytelling

Storytelling Board on Pinterest -This is my most popular board on Pinterest

(iii) PPT stories

Dr Vipul Gupta-An Inspiring Success Story

The AL Services Story

From Branding to Bonding-Featured on Authorstream

(iv) Other popular initiatives this year included an eBook and Story Xpress

eBook- “I too want to be a Storyteller: Read Here on Scribd or Download Here

Story Xpress

Section B-Wisdom Storytelling

(i) Top 5 Posts on Enlarge Excel Evolve Blog-2014

Heart of an introvert

Brand Storytelling FAQ

Personal Branding for Professors

360 Logica and Rohit Singh-An Amazing Story of Mega Success

Do Givers Really Gain? BNI and Amit Kapoor’s Story

(ii) Top 5 Posts on Enlarge Excel Evolve Blog-All Time

Irene Becker-International Pioneer in Coaching

Women and Personal Brand Storytelling

Critical Thinking, Reading and Change

Professionals, Knowledgepreneurs and Personal Branding

5 Secrets of Viral Marketing


Section C-Stories on Love and Life (A Joy Called Life)

Top 2 posts

“And she pulled you into her aura” and other mini-stories

Just, Just, Just, ‘The Story’


Section D-Spiritual Stories and Poetry (Kosen Rufu)

Top 2 posts

Are you ready to embrace the magic? Mini stories on spirituality

The Lion King's 'Fierce Song'- An Inspirational Poem

Wishing you all a "Merry Xmas and a Happy 2015". May you find your deepest passion (if you have not found yet) and become a celebrity, whose presence is truly celebrated.

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