Do Givers Really Gain? BNI & Amit Kapoor’s Story

BNI Gurgaon region was recently ranked No 1 region in the world (out of 635 regions across 55 countries), which is an incredible achievement for sure. Let’s look at one story, which demonstrates the power of giving and the generosity of BNI members in giving referrals to each other. Surely there is something more than networking which happens here.
In my childhood, my grandfather would make me wonder, "Does abundance create generosity or generosity creates abundance?" I found my answer and the story of Amit Kapoor reminds me of those days and certainly validates my beliefs. Generosity creates abundance for sure.
“What goes around, comes around” keeps echoing in BNI meetings. And the official philosophy of BNI is "Givers Gain". But do they? Amit Kapoor has given a lot of business / referrals to BNI members and it’s time now for the returns to come around.


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