Raman Malhotra and Bellwether Talent Solutions- A Trendsetter's Story

Making Indian recruitment process at par with the best

And one fine day
One fine day destiny took Raman to Singapore for few years and it gave him exposure to the international best practices in the corporate world. Heading  the Finance Function meant he was closely involved in the recruitment of employees for his Department. He also worked very closely with the HR Head to get insights into how recruitment was being done in the other departments.

Back in India, he saw round pegs in square holes everywhere
After working in Singapore, when he came back to India in 2008, he realized there was lot of difference in the way recruitment was done in Singapore and India. While subject matter experts were involved in the recruitment by recruitment firms in Singapore, only generalists were doing the screening process in India. If the screening process is done by generalists, misfits often get screened at the very starting point and obvious results are round pegs in square holes. 

As a result, organisation has poor productivity and employees are often dissatisfied. This starts a vicious cycle of high employee turnover, stress and burnout. So Bellwether planned to solve the root cause of the problem by choosing round pegs for round holes and square pegs for square holes.

And Bellwether is born
And Bellwether began in 2008 in Gurgaon to manifest Raman's dreams and plans. The vision was to become a trendsetter and hence the name ‘Bellwether’ was chosen which means one that leads or indicates trends. The bell announces the arrival of the leader and the flock and thus the arrival of the trendsetter and the new trends.

And the success stories continue
Today the primary strength of the company is its satisfied (and reputed) clients which include NIIT, Max Bupa Insurance, Deloitte, policybazaar.com, JLL and so on.

Bellwether has been making an honest attempt at setting trends since then. The company has made sincere attempts to put the square pegs in square holes and round pegs in round holes as it supports the clients in recruiting middle and senior management employees. No wonder there have been many success stories of finding right people in complex scenarios and challenging assignments.

And the success stories continue at Bellwether, sending the bells of cheers to the clients and bells of alarm to the competitors.

(Co-created by AL Services team and Raman Malhotra)

Raman Malhotra-A Brief Profile

Raman Malhotra is the Founder of Bellwether Talent Solutions. Bellwether is a Recruitment specialist with focus on recruitment for Middle to Senior Level Positions. He is a Chartered Accountant leveraging on his 13 years of cross-industry, cross-geography experience.

To know more about Bellwether and its services, visit:-


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