From Teaching to Legal Practice- Kiran Ashri’s Story of Passion & Purpose

Kiran Ashri was born on 5th September at Kurukshetra in Haryana, the land of Mahabharata (an epic story of war between cousins / family).  It is an irony of destiny that she now helps warring couples & families settle their disputes amicably and helps them end the Mahabharata in their daily lives. True to her date of birth (Teachers Day), she has been in the profession of teaching for a long part of her career. Teaching and educational administrative skills have not only helped her legal practice through her past experiences and knowledge of effective public speaking, human psychology and research methodology,  but also contributed to her success as a lawyer.

Kiran represents the third generation of lawyers in her family tree.
Her father was a leading Supreme Court lawyer who had the then President, PM, Governors and various VIPs as his clientele. Kiran spent her childhood adoring him, idolizing him and trailing him almost like a Vodafone pug. By the way, she enjoyed the same adulation and fame that he did – he for his professional competence and she for being his little adorable daughter. So it was natural that all she wanted to do in life was to be like her father.

She grew up with her three siblings and confesses that she was the naughtiest one for sure. There was nothing she missed out on –from playing with boys to doing poorly in some exams & hiding report cards – she did it all. Her only regret was that after finishing school, her mother (who already had two of her children into law) did not wish her studying law. She was to choose between one of the two professional options, sorry two noble professions – Doctor and Teacher.

Kiran did her graduation in science, and PG in English as well as education from MDU, Rohtak. Later, she also obtained her law degree from MDU, Rohtak. She went on to teach at various schools and colleges, and even worked as a Principal.  Before giving it all up for her passion of legal practice, she was to join as Principal at a very reputed chain of schools. However her heart whispered “Lawyer, Lawyer” and she decided to follow her calling at the peak of her teaching career. 

She enrolled and obtained her law degree from MDU, Rohtak. She took a huge risk of moving from a predictable and dependable career track with a greater financial remuneration and status job to a profession of uncertainty, that required reinvestment of efforts and financial resources towards education and start up. Her initial apprenticeship with a senior colleague, earned her a meager sum that didn't even cater to the petrol expenses. However, as her Dad said “When there is vacuum, there is always room to grow”. She seized the opportunity- that of lack of highly efficient yet effective, personalized, professionally rendered, legal services- and turned them to her advantage. But today she is proud of the fact that she is not only living her passion, but has made her mark too.

She has taken up the challenge of reducing litigation time taken in the courts and saving harassment of clients for years together attending dates. She has developed a strong reputation and credibility among her clients, which results in regular referrals from existing clients and a high respect among peers.
She combines passion and professionalism as a matrimonial lawyer at family courts, Gurgaon, Delhi and Faridabad. Few people know that she has also been a Guest Faculty at HIPA, Gurgaon and NIFM, Faridabad.

As hobbies, she pursues Reiki. Her skills at javelin and discus throwing help her in throwing a volley of carefully constructed and targeted questions, at her opponent in the courts to her advantage. She used to
play lawn tennis & squash earlier, and her work plus family commitments leave her with no time for the luxury of sports anymore. 

Vikram is her best-half, who has the vision or rather the realization that she is best kept away from the kitchen & should only concentrate on her profession, as it is the one thing she is best at. Her friends are her support system and her family, above all includes Sai Baba, her guiding angel.

As a person, she is hopelessly optimistic and has acquired the ability to attribute all highs and especially lows to the wishes of the Almighty
. Calm and composed, she is naturally blessed with a sharp and uncluttered brain, so very needed for a successful legal practice.

One of her clients shared, “She provides a personalized touch to her legal advice and services and can handle complicated situations like family disputes with tact and wisdom. She was sent by God and I am very thankful to her. “

(Co-created by Dr Amit Nagpal, with Kiran Ashri and her clients)

Kiran Ashri-A Brief Profile

Kiran is a legal attorney/ advocate, specialising in family court cases including Counselling and reconciliation in resolving marital conflicts. She is a member of the reputed international networking organisation BNI (Gurgaon region). 

Her areas of expertise in family disputes include Divorce Decrees, Restitution of estranged spouses, Maintenance of spouses, children & parents, Domestic Violence Issues, child custody cases, Dowry related litiadvkiran@ashriassociates.comgation and Annulment of Fraud marriages.

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