360logica and Rohit Singh-An Amazing Story of Mega Success

(From left to right-Rohit Singh and Alex Vieux, CEO, Red Herring)
Dr Amit- Rohit, I have been watching 360logica grow at a rocket speed for quite some time and want to share your inspiring story and the secrets behind your astounding success, with our readers.
Dr Amit- Why did you choose software ‘testing’ as a profession?
Rohit-In my case I accidentally discovered my passion for software testing. I am an Electronics & Communication Engineer and was looking for opportunity in C/C++ in Embedded system companies. I got opportunity to start as a software QA trainee and in 2-3 months, I developed a very strong interest in this. The best part was that I realized I could use both my analytical and technical skills in this profession.
Working as product owner for quality check, countering intellectual development team with business logic and new learning in every project kept me passionate and I developed deep interest in software testing.
Dr Amit- What is an accomplishment that you are proud of?
Rohit: There are many accomplishments yet I am proud of two of them in particular
Building up 360logica, which got recognized and awarded by Deloitte (at 11th rank) in Fastest 50 technology companies of India in 2013 and by Red Herringfor Top 100 Asia in 2014.
(From left to right-Asad Khan, Rohit Singh and Deloitte dignitaries)
Dr Amit- What is the biggest mistake you have committed in life?
Rohit: I am very fond of Mathematics and Science subjects. This reduces my focus on History & Geography subjects which impacted my overall score and rank in my Higher secondary.
Dr Amit-What has been your biggest failure? What lesson did you learn from it?
Rohit: Failure taught me two significant lessons.
Put your feet in your client's shoes and take simpler approach when possible.
When we started 360logica, in the process of giving our best we covered more than what we needed to. But very soon, I realized we had spent additional efforts and time which were avoidable. Few clients also felt over burdened with the higher budget which impacted some of our proposals.
This made me realize the importance of thinking from client’s perspective and propose simple & best solution to each client, within defined scope to meet their requirements.
Every client has a different perspective and the best practice is to put myself in the client’s story.
Dr Amit-What are your hobbies and interests?
Rohit: Travelling, reading technical stuff and exploring new things.
Dr Amit-Who is your role model?
Rohit: I believe every person from whom we learn or who guides us is a role model.
I believe that we learn every day and I have had lots of role models at every stage of my life.
To mention some of them; my elder brother, my Maths teacher, my first manager, founder of company where I was employed and so on.
Dr Amit- Recently I came across a website ‘Techlunatic’. Even passion beyond a point makes you workaholic and can be dangerous for physical and mental health. How do you ensure that your employees have a work life balance?
Rohit: I always believe in team work and encourage the uniformity in work across all members.
I believe and encourage my 3P concept - Planning, Prioritization and Process in my team. It helps team strategically think and allocate tasks in critical situations.
We have tried our best to grow more like a family than like a typical corporate. We are always open and available to our team for any help and suggestions required by them. We also believe in justified empowerment and promote the same across teams.
All these measures have helped us to have attrition rate of less than 8% so far. Asad and I are proud of this achievement in particular.
Dr Amit- What are your responsibilities in your current role and (if applicable) how are they different from your previous profile?
Rohit: Few roles which are common with my previous profile include developing technical competencies and ensuring client satisfaction.
Technical Competencies: In my previous profile, my focus was mainly to develop a strong technical team & and my focus was understanding the organizational requirements and current trends.
Currently, my focus area is to develop skills and competencies to cater to the vast range of technology and Software markets. Apart from current trends, my target is to make my team always updated with future requirements and technology advancements. Training and coaching my team on niche and cutting edge areas have become my key focus areas of late.
Client Satisfaction: Apart from meeting client expectations and ensuring satisfaction, taking a ownership of the product and its quality is big change in my over all profile. I work as the product owner for all my 50-60 Clients and hold myself accountable for everything on quality front whether it is general website/app or it is an enterprise suite of finance or Healthcare industry.
Dr Amit-Please tell us about your journey in the corporate and entrepreneurship worlds so far?
Rohit: My Journey so far has been very exciting and memorable.
I have enjoyed almost all phases of Corporate World.....as a struggler, fresher, employee, aspiring entrepreneur and employer. All phases have different charms and different challenges.
Dr Amit-What are your strongest professional skills/attributes?
Rohit: Patience, Consistency, Planning, Technical skills, Pressure Handling, Mentoring, and Leadership
Thanks Rohit for sharing your insights with our readers. Keep testing and keep assisting customers in creating quality software.
Brief Profile (Rohit Singh)
Rohit Singh is the Co–Founder & VP-Engg @ 360logica. He has a Techie's mind, and an Entrepreneur's soul. He believes in constantly striving for excellence, authenticity, process orientation in every task & more. Rohit loves blogging and striving to take360logica to new heights. You can follow him on Twitter @rohit360logica.


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