"What makes you so high on energy?" and Other Mini Stories

Mini Stories on Wisdom

"What makes you so high on energy?"

"You have such high energy even at the end of the day. Don't you get exhausted?", she sounded surprised.

"Not really. I keep myself surrounded with positive people and stay away from energy vampires, as much as possible. And sometimes if need be, I listen to some high energy music or read some high energy words.", he replied calmly.

"Yeupp" was her standard reply.


The Password for ‘Life’

The disciple, “Master, I have forgotten the password to ‘Life’. I have everything and yet I am unhappy. Please help me out and guide me how to live joyfully.”

The Master, “There is only one password to life and it is, “I have decided to be happy, no matter what”. So you decide to stay happy in spite of challenges and in fact, see every obstacle as an opportunity to grow. You see the lesson in every suffering."

He continued, "You stop getting hurt at the drop of a hat and rather thank the Universe at the drop of a hat. You spread joy and it bounces back. and in the long run, start listening to your inner voice and make it clearer.”

The disciple, “WOW! Master. Blessed to have a Guru like you.”

The depth in my stories

Few weeks back, a friend wished me "heights of success" on my birthday.

It set me thinking, "Is heights of success my priority? Is that what drives me?" And I realized, "No, it doesn't. What rather drives me is the depth in my stories."


The Power of Intent

The disciple, "Master, I am always trying to inspire people, yet there are few people who focus on my small mistakes and then blow them out of proportion. What do I do?"

The Master, "Make your intent even more pure. If you are doing it for fame, the criticism will hurt you because you didn't get the expected fame. If you are giving selflessly, you will sympathise and empathise with the poor guy who did not take a gift."

The Master continued, "Those who love won't judge and those who judge don't love you in any case. So why bother."

And she realized, “She had wings”

She looked at her left,
She looked at her right & 
then realized, "Aha, I have wings" 
And she decided to fly.....
"High into the sky".

(All characters appearing in the story above are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. © 2014, Dr Amit Nagpal )

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Dr Amit Nagpal is an Online Branding Expert, Social Media Influencer and a renowned Storyteller / Digital Storyteller. His unique skill lies in inspirational storytelling, anecdotes/ storytelling on social and online media for brand building. He has more than 15 years of work experience in training/coaching and corporates. He has a unique personal story and has featured in several TV, newspaper and online interviews. He tweets at @DrAmitInspires. To follow/connect on social media, visit OneBio.Me.
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