My Real Life SuperHero, My Dad, By Anuj Kapoor

Second Prize Story (in Inspirational Storytelling Contest)

"The Stuff that Superheroes are Made of"

Anuj Kapoor, 
Sr Instructional Designer, IBM-Gurgaon

Everyone has a superhero whom they admire the most and look up to, and wish to be like them. I too had or rather have a superhero from my real life, and he is my dad.

Yes, he has been my superhero right from the time when I was born and till now when he is not amongst us anymore. Whenever, I am little stressed, I just look into his photograph on my mobile and half of my worries are gone and when I am happy, I just look at the sky and then get reminded of all that he has given to me and taught me. I admire him as a superhero because he has all the qualities that a superhero should have.

He was loyal

I have always admired him because of his loyalty as he has been loyal to everyone—his family, his work, his friends, and his relatives.

He had a clear goal

I had also admired him as he always had a clear and defined goal in his mind—to protect his family and provide them with all the needs—he used to often work late and more often used to wear same shoes but never even once failed to provide us with a new pair. He had always been an efficient worker throughout his life, and till now, at work, most people wish to be as efficient as he was .

He did not seek any glory, and never sought to receive it

I truly admire him because of his attitude to work endlessly without any desire to gain anything. He continued to work hard each day, and still did not complain because he knew he was the only one to earn money in the family in order to provide us with good education and meet our other needs r. Thus, I am trying to follow his footsteps and I am trying to become like him in order to provide my son with what my father provided for me.

His real strength came with his character; and not his power

I also admire him because of the true character he played in his real life. He was not a macho man but still had a lot of courage to fight the ills of society and protect all of us from the real world. He had always been like a protector for us—protecting us from the big bad world, and me all the more as I was the youngest in my family.

He had a never say die attitude

His attitude of perseverance also made him my “a real superhero” as I always saw him in “never say die” spirit. Until he was on his deathbed, he was always up and running, trying to work hard as much as he can in order to give us the best. Often, there were occasions when he wasn’t well enough but it did not show up on his face. In fact, even mild fever would make us rest but he would continue working actively even with high fever. He was so energetic and lively, and always used to sing popular numbers from Bollywood to ease out whatever little stress he had.

All of these qualities made him “my real life superhero”, and when I am a father myself today, I try to match up these qualities so that tomorrow I also become a real superhero in my son’s eyes.


Brief Profile
Anuj Kapoor is a Sr Learning Designer or an Instructional Designer by profession who caters to design and develop learning solutions. He has over 12 years of experience in the IT indistry and is currently working for IBM India Pvt Ltd since 7 years. 

He also has a passion for writing and is an avid blogger and a social media enthsuiast. He blogs quite a lot. You can see some his blogs at or

He is a voracious reader of fiction as well as non-fiction and have read works from many renowned authors like Paulo Coelho, Chetan Bhagat, Sidney Sheldon, Robin Sharma, and so on. 


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