"Inner or Outer Villains, You are still "The Hero" of the Story" and Other Mini-Stories

Mini Stories on Wisdom and Life

A Note-Stories that touch the soul of your soul

The paradox is, the more emotionless a society becomes, the more emotion its creative output carries. After all, what we are missing in real life, we begin to search in our films, our songs, our stories, our art.....

Looking forward to touch you deeper with our stories, stories that make you dance, laugh and cry, stories that release your emotional blocks, stories that carry high energy, be it inspirational romance or spiritual stories, be it imagination gone wild or be it utopia right in front of you. Stories that touch you so much that you wish you were the hero or shero of the story. Stories that shake your beliefs, stories that inspire you to rise from the ashes once again and write a fresh new story of your life.

Stories that make us human once again, once more.....whether for few moments, whether forever.


"And then there are emotional rocks hiding in tortoise shells"

And she began to ponder, “So I thought only I was vulnerable. And now after heart to heart talks with people from all walks of life, I realize everyone is. Some are wearing masks to hide vulnerability, some hide it with a smile, and rest of them, poor guys they have covered themselves with tortoise shells, they are so scared of being vulnerable.”

She continued to think loud, “Oh these emotional rocks, they are more emotional than anyone else. They have overreacted because they are oversensitive. The biggest bully I had met in my life had the hardest skin covering the softest heart.”


Paradox of human decisions

She sounded truly heart broken and began, "I have given so much in every relationship. Yet no one cared to return and I feel cheated. Why are humans so self-centred, focussed on expecting and not giving?"

He sounded reassuring yet truthful, "You know the human paradox. Our decisions are driven by emotions and not logic. We do more for those who are perceived to be loyal and for those where we have soft corners. We rarely bother to return the favours done to us."

He continued, "It is human to develop soft and hard corners yet sometimes, they become 'very hard' and 'very soft' corners."

She sounded surprised yet it seemed she had begun to understand the naked truths of life. And then he hugged her and helped her let go.

She was getting ready to write her new story.


And life.....stopped

And then life came to a standstill. Yes the life stopped, I mean the routine, boring humdrum mechanical life came to an end because the secret had been revealed.

Each moment was now an 'Aha' moment and life was nothing but sheer 'Magic'.


And then emerged a 'Story'

She was much more than an inspiration. In fact, she would draw the dots and then he did nothing except connect them.

And then from nowhere emerged a story.


"Good intent is sometimes a liability"

"I often get into a controversy because of my good and pure intent. I think the whole world like me, is trustful and has good intent. What do I do?" she sounded almost puzzled.

"Think before you speak. People usually have fears and insecurities. Nobody can see your intent after all. Avoid evoking negative emotions and trampling on their insecurities." he replied.

"To do that, I will have to be cautious all the time and then I will not be at ease. Tell me an easier approach." she asked.

"Wisdom is not enough, you also need worldly wisdom. So develop a bit of a bad intent, you will automatically become cautious." he began to laugh.


Inner or Outer Villains, You are still "The Hero" of the Story

Struggle, mistakes and failures leading to victory makes great stories. Self-doubt, fear, imbalances, falling in the traps, making blunders, all these are part of being human. They are part of not just an average human's story, but of the hero and shero too.

Such stories are authentic , inspiring and show the "New You", who has learnt and grown. You don’t feel vulnerable sharing it because it is your past and not the present.

Whether you win over the outer villains or the inner villains, you are still “The Hero” of the story.

So who is your hero inspiring you to live and thrive?

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