"Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood" and Other Mini Stories

  Mini Stories on Wisdom

Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood

"My dear, how do storytellers make money? Or they make money also, only in their stories?" she quizzed or rather investigated from him.

"Oh! they just walk in the woods." he replied casually. He hated being formal in any case.

"What? You need to be serious sometimes. And answer a dignified lady's question with dignity.", she contradicted herself by asking in a girlish tone.

"Yes they write scripts for Hollywood, Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood and so on. I am serious. Sometimes they make enough money for a lifetime through one novel.", he began to smile.

"Noo. That's just a game of chance.", she quipped. She had a style in everything from her 'Yeupps' to her 'Noo'.

A Deep Sense of Humor

"Master, my life is full of exceptional struggle. I feel like giving up now. What do you suggest?" the student asked.

The Master replied, "Just develop a good sense of humor."

The student asked again, "It seems you have not understood. I am deeply hurt and pained."

The Master smiled, paused for a while and then replied, "OK, then develop a "deep" sense of humor..."


Just a funny story

Success did not excite him anymore. And then success came and kissed his feet.
Love did not enthrall him anymore. And then love came and hugged him tight.

Isn't life just a funny story?

"Wanna dance with me the roller-coaster dance?"

"When the waves of emotions, cross the shores of your heart and soul, you become a writer.
When the waves begin to dance the high and low tides, you become a storyteller"

..... and then you invite the story lovers to join the roller-coaster dance.


Was it worth it?

She was not a hero out of choice. One obstacle after another had made her mentally and emotionally strong. Since she got used to challenges and obstacles, they refused to frighten her anymore. "Had she an option or life had pushed her to become a hero?", she would wonder sometimes.

Yet she had her share of contradictions, over-sensitive at times and superwoman at other times. She would hate her own hypersensitivity at times and wished she was more practical.

Tired with the never ending struggles, she had been through a long phase of cynicism and unhappiness. But then wasn't she sitting on the cactuses life had gifted her?

The wisdom came and it is better late than never. Interestingly, her wisdom was double the women of her age and so were her mistakes.

At the end of the day, she was a winner in the eyes of the world. Yet in the heart of her hearts, sometimes she would wonder, if it was all worth it....

They rightly say, "You can have whatever you want, but it will take whatever you have." The heroism had taken whatever she had.

The Rebellious Girl

"Why are you so rebellious sometimes? You are a sweet and gentle person most of the time, yet I notice a clear streak of rebellion at times?", the coach asked the coachee.

She replied, "Probably because I never had parents."

The coach was surprised, "But you have shared about your father and mother so many times."

She replied, "Yes, but they never acted as parents, as a single unit. They were fighting each other all the time. And I continued to be rebellious even after teenage."

The coach continued, "Parents always have the best intent and give their best under the circumstances. So forgive them and move on."

She replied, "Oh I forgave them long back. But some personality traits get so deep-rooted, we fail to notice our own behavior. Isn't it?"

The coach nodded positively.
Let the heart sing. Let the soul dance

And she asked, "Brother, what happens when one moves from fear to love completely?"

He replied, "You begin to see beauty everywhere. You begin to feel grateful every moment. Your heart wants to sing and your soul wants to dance."

"And then what bro?", her inquisitiveness was never ending.

He replied, trying hard to hide his smile, "My little sister, and then the heart and soul change turns. Now the soul wants to sing and the heart wants to dance. And then one day, joy reaches upto the brim and then it just starts overflowing."


Not the Heights, but "the Depths"-

"I don't really care if I'd ever reach the heights of success,
What rather excites and drives me, is the depth in my stories.

I don't care, if I would visit the moon or the Universe whole,
I love to dive deeper & deeper, to reach the seabed of my soul.

The most beautiful woman by my side, was never, never my goal.
I'm rather thrilled in the company of "the most beautiful soul.""

(All characters appearing in the stories above are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. © 2014, Dr Amit Nagpal )
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