Hi from Planet Utopia

I have shifted to ‘Planet Utopia’ and to Earthlings, I am an Alien now

When I used to stay on ‘Planet Earth’, I felt a strong need for Personal Branding. So I have shifted to, ‘Planet Utopia’ recently. Here I do not feel the need for personal branding because people are divine and completely evolved. You can also say that they have reached complete enlightenment as they understand your value proposition and what you stand for without you telling them. 

Let me give you few examples:-

  • No Personal Growth Required- The decisions of Utopians are not impacted by their emotions or bias. (This is unlike human beings who cannot be completely unbiased). In fact, personal growth is a dead industry here, as everyone is already completely enlightened and divine.

  • Complete Authenticity-People have no fears. The law and order is 100 % perfect and you can afford to be completely authentic because everyone is, so understanding (Poor You! I know, being completely authentic on earth is fraught with dangers though you can try to be comparatively more authentic).

  • No Semantics-Words have no scope for different interpretations here. People understand what you mean-exactly. They can even read your body language completely.  So obviously there are no confusions, no semantics games and different interpretations.

  • Intuitive Powers-People have high intuition. They take decisions based on flashes of intuition, so you don’t have to tell them what values you stand for. They even select people for jobs without taking an interview because intuition is guiding them all the time.

  • Non-Judgmental Attitudes-People have stopped judging others and jumping to conclusions (here people are rather jumping with joy). Since they have complete intuition and complete information, you don’t need to present or clarify your value proposition.

  • Divine Nature-People are so deeply divine, that they can understand your intentions and what is going on in your mind. People even fully read your mind but then everyone is so pure that one finds only feelings of love. This helps in spreading even more love. 

  • Only Offline Networking-Networking is done offline only and not online. People want to feel each other’s vibrations of love personally and so they prefer to network offline only. Here we use Internet only for playing games (the behavior of people is purely white with no shades of grey).

  • No Need for Fame, Money and Power-As people have evolved, they obviously do not want fame, money and power anymore. Since everyone is at perfect peace, no one needs fame, money and power to feed their insecurities. People are completely secure and love themselves as well as others. In fact, there is so much love that other needs are not even felt. The terms like 'reputation management' does not exist in Utopian dictionary because everyone is either Mr Clean or Ms Clean Here people only good mouth each other, no bad mouthing Tweet This.

  • No Halo EffectHalo effect does not exist here  (Halo effect means 'First impression is the last impression). People take perfect and 100 % logical decisions with their divine powers.     
I am so happy on this planet that I would never want to come back on earth where people do personal branding because of their human limitations. Utopians only think of Planet Utopia's branding not their own. In an environment of such loving selflessness, one feels no need for individual identity. They have completely dedicated themselves to the primary cause (Planet Utopia's welfare). And gladly since I live with divine beings, I am becoming divine too. Thank you Utopians and God bless earthlings including my dear Drew Olanoff.

Poor 'Earthly Creatures' need to do personal branding till they get complete enlightenment. With due sympathies and divine love for earthly creatures,

Dr Amit Nagpal

Planet Utopia

NB-If I have tried to do some personal branding in this post, please forgive me because I am yet to completely shake off the earth's emotional baggage. Thanks for understanding my dear earthly friends (with earthly desires).

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