How I Discovered my Deepest Passion-By Vijay Nallawala

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A Guest Post by Vijay Nallawala

It was as recently as the 5th of May, 2012 that I attended a Mind Mapping Workshop by India’s premier Trainer in that domain, Dharmendra Rai. The Map he had asked us to create as an assignment was to be on any topic uppermost in the Mind, to which a solution was elusive.

It surprises me that I chose the Topic of ‘Money’. Dharmendra joked that I could hardly think of any other topic (being a Financial Planner). The reason I had instinctively picked on money was that I was at the crossroads of my career- although I was doing well, I had lost the passion for it in the past couple of years. I was sort of forcibly being dragged along!

I already had a deep desire to write a book. My Blog which I’d recently started had got encouraging response and appreciation from many sources.  Nobody had to drag me to write, for sure!

As I charted out my future career options in the Mind Map, I realized that I was relegating my existing career to the background (a sort of ‘has been’). The very next day after this stimulating training, I had my vision appear to me in a flash- just like that!

It couldn’t be and wouldn’t be a life of compromise anymore: communication in all forms was my Passion! Of course, my deep passion, writing was at the centre of it all!

I could visualise my Book’s cover, chapters, themes.. it all happened in an instant!

Then came up the idea of sharing my thoughts in the form of a seminar.Thus, ‘High Fives’ happened with a lot of encouragement from dear friend, Yogesh M A. The resounding response to this initiative was all the assurance I needed. 

I knew I had to reach out to more and more people- whether the communication was through training programs, my Blog, the Social Media or the Book I had planned-it mattered little.

Another friend and Mentor, Puneet Bhatnagar, found the most satisfactory explanation to my experience and ‘discovery’. All the while this skill was there, the passion was there, it came to the fore due to some trigger, some reason possibly which I’m unaware of. It  inconspicuously develops over a period of time although we attribute it to that one ‘trigger’.

That underlying process could be my spiritualism. I believe deeply I’m a spirit soul and have modeled my life on the teachings of the Bhagvad Gita. My daily meditation sessions have always been a source of stimulation, inspiration and helped set me free. Much of what I write originates from thoughts and ideas that come to me when I connect with my Inner-Self.

My writing, at many times reflects my spiritual bent- thoughts about Faith, non-violence, empathy, self-belief, positive thinking, sharing and caring.                                 

Having gone through some particularly agonising phases in life, I count myself among the fortunate few who can call themselves as happy. Writing for me is also therapeutic, cleansing and makes me joyful.                     

Happiness grows by sharing it: have a vision of contributing to others’ happiness to the best of my ability. I am now aiming to use my life’s passion, the unwritten book which consumes me, to fulfill my vision. 
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Vijay is a Creative Writer, BLOGGER, Mind-Mapper, student of Economics, Cricket and Tennis Enthusiast, Satirist and Spiritual Being.To know more, visit:-
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