Larry Easto-Interview with the Bestselling Author & Coach

                                  Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam* Interview series
(Global Leaders who have Enlarged, Excelled and Evolved into Global Personal Brands)

Dr Amit Nagpal: Tell us Larry, how and why did you become a small business coach.
Larry Easto: Good question. I trained as a lawyer and practiced law for many years, then did some consulting, wrote some books and just recently realized that everything I did in terms of helping clients was in fact coaching. So decided to start calling myself a coach.

Dr Amit: Why did you choose services marketing particularly?
Larry: I think it chose me almost every time I did work for clients; the issue of new business arose so we discussed it. A few years ago, I was hired to write a marketing training program for entrepreneurs and this consolidated my marketing focus.

Dr Amit: Tell us about your books and which is the most popular one?
Larry: I have had 7 hard copy books published; the most popular was 'How To Succeed In Your Home Business'. It sold over 100,000 copies worldwide in 6 languages.

Dr Amit: What were your primary lessons in legal practice which help you as a coach?
Larry: Listen to your clients. As advisors, we are too free with our advice and opinions.
(Larry has a good sense of humour too. When I asked him, you have been working for four decades already and for how many more years you plan to work, he replied, “I think that when I grow up I might be a writer. I love to write and when I get tired of coaching").

Dr Amit: How come you shifted from law to marketing?
Larry: Law is great intellectual training, marketing is excellent people work.

Dr Amit: What is the role of self improvement in success esp for a services marketing professional?
Larry: In today's world it's impossible to succeed without self-improvement.

Dr Amit: What makes you think that life has been a series of RICH experiences?
Larry: Life continues to get better and the best is yet to come.

Dr Amit: Tell us about your latest book project on Professional Services Marketing.
Larry: Thanks for asking. I have just finished the first draft. It represents the best of my work. Now I am adding the best of other people's work. I plan to release this version in January 2013 to help all service professionals market their services better. It will be downloadable from my website. And late next year or early 2014, I plan a hard copy version of it.

Dr Amit: What is laser coaching?
Larry: Short and focused, typical sessions are about 15 minutes. I can very quickly identify specific issues and then we talk about how the client can address them. (To know more, click here)

Dr Amit: How do you assess a client's marketing performance? (major indicators etc)
Larry: I analyze how focused they are on their clients and market and how effectively they communicate with the market. Many people fall in love with their services and forget about the market.

Dr Amit: LOL
Larry:  (continues) You have to match what the market needs and wants with what you can do and not shove what you can do at the market. Find a need or want and fill it. Never try to sell what no one wants.

Dr Amit: What are your hobbies?
Larry: I love to cook and match wine with food, love live jazz, cycling, hiking and also love to read, usually read about a book a week (always have at least one book on the go).

Dr Amit: Besides social media marketing what are the other major changes you have observed in professional services marketing in recent years?
Larry: It is now starting to be taken seriously. Earlier professionals used to expect clients to just come to them, now they know they must do something proactive to attract clients. We are no longer gurus on the mountain top, we run businesses and have to attract new business.

Dr Amit: Professional services marketing is all about personal branding. How do you differentiate yourself from a personal branding coach?
Larry: Laser coaching, my professional training and my educational skills.

Dr Amit: Anything else you would like to share.
Larry: No. This was great. Thank you.

Dr Amit: Thanks Larry for sparing your precious time for us.

* The World is one family (in Sanskrit language)
Brief Profile
Larry has been actively involved in small business activities for almost 4 decades.During this time, he has helped owners of small businesses as a lawyer, consultant, trainer and coach.
Currently he focuses on service professionals and helps them attract more and better clients, applying the principles of laser coaching.

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