Humour, Leadership and Spirituality

Should a leader have good sense of humor? Debatable, people would say. How can you be a strong administrator, no nonsense person, if you joke and smile? People will get too relaxed, take you lightly and loose seriousness towards work. Actually true when you are young, too gentle or have immature subordinates. As managers we all would have experienced this problem at some point of time. I remember my ex-boss would stop laughing and give a serious look; when he was having a chat with his peers and a subordinate entered his office.

So you will tell me, “As it is humor is difficult with the kind of pressures we work in and you are further adding the complication of spirituality.” But have all of us not learned this lesson, “If it is easy, it wouldn't be worth much” All good things come at a heavy cost. Giving your style a touch of humor and being a no nonsense person either comes with lot of experience or with the aid of wisdom of balance (gained through spiritual tools.)

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