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Human Attractions-The Matching of Frequencies
All of us have been through an experience when suddenly your frequencies match with someone and you feel a strange connection difficult to justify. What makes these frequencies match, what creates this unreasonable attraction?

There are four elements of our personality viz.
• Physical-Includes looks, grooming, body language and vibes
• Emotional-Includes sensitivity, emotional stability, emotional strength and empathy
• Mental-Includes Intelligence, Knowledge, State of mind (relaxed/stressed) and innocence/shrewdness
• Spiritual-Godliness (Spiritual maturity), life force (positivity) and faith (in any higher power/god)

Two human beings feel attracted to each other due to any one or combination of the elements. Imagine if two people feel attracted to each other and have all four types of attraction viz. Physical, emotional, spiritual and mental, it can create a very powerful human relationship. Attraction is not always to the opposite gender though physical aspect is of course more gender centric. Two males or two females can also feel attracted to each other.

I have felt strong liking and attraction for Hindi Film Actors Kamal Hassan, Upen Patel (and of late Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan) and of course list of females is endless with varying degrees. The type of attraction has changed starting with infatuation love then romantic love and now affectionate love.

We often don’t love people but the mask of charm that they wear. I sometimes feel it is not only the mask which we wear in different relationships but there is some strong transformation which happens in us all the time. When I enter the classroom, as if god enters my body and I have never felt attracted to even the most beautiful students in the class. I enter Director Office, a chid enters into my body and I seek his affection and act weak. Once I went out of the office on sales / placement activities, I felt like smoking a cigarette. I controlled the urge which had never come before but I never felt this urge as a teacher or even Head of department. Sales profession brings out another side of you altogether.

My sense of individuality has always been high and I have always been a little narcissist, a little in love with myself. Though I have been through a phase when I hated myself. Again I have reached a phase where I have fallen in love with my own self. I think it’s important to like and respect yourself if you want to be liked and respected by others. That’s the best way of creating a magic in your personality, a charisma…

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  1. this is so damn are a different YOU in different situations...the post has brought two major aspects of human being into was fun reading!

  2. Welcome to the world of inspiration with fun. An enlightened Guru once blessed me and said, "May you have love, light and laughter."


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