How to Boost Your Creativity?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

Today I will discuss exercises on how to boost your creativity.

Like I wrote previously, creativity is fundamentally about emotions and sensitivity to nuances. These nuances can be words, colours, shades, motion, shapes, sounds, patterns and so on.

As we know there are 3 types of learning styles viz auditory, kinaesthetic and visual. Hence creativity can also be fundamentally of 3 types relating to sounds, visuals and motions and of course their permutations and combinations.

Let us look at the exercises. Let’s say, you are a musician and you want to improve your creativity. What you need to do is listen to variety of music, observe & hear natural sounds and notice the patterns, beats etc. It is important to listen with concentration and if closing your eyes improves your concentration level, do that. In life, we need to be open minded to learning because often it comes from much unexpected sources. Your creative energies may start flowing by surfing Facebook, watching a film, looking at a beautiful scenery/person and sometimes even sitting with a piece of paper in the loo cut off from the rest of the world.

Creativity is about emotional involvement also. If I sing a song which has some relevance to my personal experiences in life, my voice will automatically be at its best. Visualisation is another useful exercise. Many years back, once I was sitting alone in Navynagar, Mumbai at Colaba beach and singing the Hindi song, ‘Leharon ki Tarah yaadein’ (The memories like the waves). Whenever I sing this song, I try to visualise that scene and it actually connects me with the majestic sea and my voice automatically is influenced by sea’s majesty.

Read, read, read and read more. Austin rightly says, "Your job is to collect ideas. The best way to collect ideas is to read. Read, read, read, read, read. Read the newspaper. Read the weather. Read the signs on the road. Read the faces of strangers. The more you read, the more you can choose to be influenced by." Observe, observe, observe and observe more. Choose the right situations, the right people, the right scenes, the right movies to observe.
We all need to find out by trial and error, by experimentation, what best brings out our creativity. I can tell you lot of such creative exercises but like they say, in life there is no free lunch. So my dear friends, seek an appointment, take me out for a lunch/dinner at a scenic place, arrange some soft Turkish music in the background and I will give you further advice.

Till then take care.

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  1. Super duper like this one...!!! you made creativity appear simple to achieve...though it comes from within but if someone really wants to attain creativity, there could be no simpler way than what you mentioned!!! Cheers!!!

  2. Like we all are a combination of masculine and feminine qualities, we are all a combination of managerial and creative instincts. Everyone has some element of creativity by birth.
    Thanks for the feedback


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