Appearances are Often Deceptive

This is dedicated to my favourite little cousin sister Bhumika. She suggested me to write on this topic. I truly believe”A thing of beauty is a joy forever.” But the way I define beauty is a little different. “My heart does go to all things beautiful, but it includes beautiful faces, beautiful minds and beautiful souls.” Beauty for me also includes peace written all over your face and the beautiful face being the index of a beautiful mind.

Seeing beyond surfaces requires a spiritual maturity which most of the people don’t have. At one point of time in life I sympathised with the physically handicapped. But now I believe we are all handicapped in different ways; some physically, some mentally and some spiritually. As a marketer I always say that “All that glitters may not be gold but all that glitters is easily sold”.

We judge everything by the appearances not just people. Why we find western countries so attractive is because of external glamor. I feel if we have physical and visible chaos in our country, there is emotional and relationship chaos in the west.

We all actually have a fear of the ugly (though beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder) and are not open minded to experience it. But in human likings there is also a somehow factor. Somehow I like that person very much, somehow I like that female very much, what constitutes somehow, I wonder. I once analyzed what has attracted me the most in females; I found it was a combination of positive vibes, beauty and weakness/vulnerability. (I am sure the modern woman would call me a MCP but that’s the way I am.) But of course there is something magical beyond description in some people. Call it charisma or call it vibrations if you want.

The most average looking student in my Pondicherry class became the most successful salesperson. I was pleasantly shocked but then she had a drive, a strong urge to prove herself. It made me believe that nothing in this world is stronger than the human will.

Let’s develop an open mind and break all mental barriers. I wrote a funny poem in childhood days. The title was ‘Appearances are often deceptive’ and the crux was “she was a warm sun when I fell in love but turned out to be a ball of fire later and so on.”

"Every joy is a moment of bliss and every sorrow has spiritual significance. With this attitude, life seems so beautiful"
Dr Amit Nagpal

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