"We Buy Natural", More than an Organisation-A Movement

The Story

Webuynatural.com was conceived as a movement to popularize the usage of natural products in line with the parent company AMA group’s philosophy and vision. Hence the portal sells not only the products of AMA group but also products of other natural product manufacturers.

A New Journey Begins

After success in domestic & international markets, Vegetal Ecom (An AMA Herbal Group Company) has entered e-tailing with its portal Webuynatural.com. Since 1996, AMA group has been serving its customers in India as well as exporting to 35 countries including USA and Europe.

Across the world there is an increasing awareness of Triple P philosophy or Triple Bottom Line (TBL). The three Ps are People, Planet and Profits and are referred to as the "three pillars of sustainability”. AMA group in all its products and initiatives has followed this philosophy and has always striven for delicate balance between people, planet and profits.

Webuynatural.com is a portal that collectively provides marketplace for connecting people in the business of natural products to the end user of natural products. It also supports and extends special preference to NGO, women enterprises and rural enterprises who are manufacturing consumer goods for the benefit of health, environment and society.

The Portfolio

Arshad Ali Shah, a former senior executive from IBM is heading the initiative. The management remains committed to providing secure and easy environment to end users to get their favourite Natural / Organic products at reasonable prices with faster deliveries without compromising on quality.

The major categories of products currently available on the portal include organic foods, natural care & beauty, health and wellness, mom and baby care, home care, and other products for men, women and kids. The range of products vary from cereals and spices to jute bags, hair care, baby food, gifts and ayurvedic / vitamin supplements. The brands available include Himalaya, Lotus, Victoria’s secret, Biotique, Khadi Naturals, Rustic Art, Om-Ved, Organic Tattva, Shahnaz Husain and so on.

Treating Customers as True Kings and Queens

There is a section to track the order and detailed “Buyers Guide”. There is a dedicated “Offer Zone” for products with discounts and promotional offers.

All options are available for making payment including Master card, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Net banking and Cash on delivery (COD).

Let’s Pledge Together

Let us together pledge, “As far as possible, we will buy natural products and contribute to the preservation of our planet”.
To know more about the eCommerce portal, visit webuynatural.com/


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