From Women Health to Holistic Women Wellness- Interview with Dr Nupur Gupta

Our society is moving towards holistic education, holistic living and holistic medicine, so why not take women health to its next level of Holistic Women Wellness. 

Syringes and tablets were her toys and a genuine heart to heart smile was a divine gift to her. After all, Dr Nupur Gupta wanted to be a doctor, right from her childhood days. 

Here is an interview I had with her recently.

Dr Amit Nagpal-Of late I have seen you being covered on Huffpost India, Times of India and empanelled on Aaj Tak Stree. Tell us the highlights of your success story.

Dr Nupur Gupta-After doing my medical education, I have completed more than two decades of work experience in surgery and consultation. My expertise lies in high risk pregnancy with medical complications, gynae endoscopy, (laparoscopy and hysteroscopy), family planning and clinical research. It has been a matter of pride to have a mentor like Dr Suneeta Mittal, currently HOD-Gynecology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon.

I worked for eight years at India’s traditionally best hospital “AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi)”, and was exposed to the best in terms of medical care and technology. I was part of the medical consortium, which formulated medical abortion guidelines of India in 2003 and later on was also involved in the Government’s Emergency Contraception guidelines and guidelines relating to early detection and treatment of anemia in adolescent girls.

Thereafter I began my private practice and established ‘Well Woman Clinic’, at Sukhda Hospital, New Delhi and later in Gurgaon in 2010 with a vision and mission to spread awareness

Recently I have been empanelled as Expert Consultant Gynecologist on Aaj Tak Stree and on Second Opinion. You can read my detailed story here.

Dr Amit-How is your approach of treating patients different from other doctors/ gynecologists?

Dr Nupur-Two of the pillars of my approach are empathy and human to human touch. Empathy is not always feeling the pain; it is also feeling the joy of a woman (and her family) who has just delivered a baby. It involves an interest in and understanding of patients' experiences, concerns, and perspectives associated with illness combined with a capacity to care & intention to help. Once we empathize, we also need to communicate the empathy.

Human to human is giving a human touch.

Dr Amit-Please describe what do you mean by Human to Human in doctor patient context?

Dr Nupur-I have completed two decades of practice and my approach from the very beginning has been human to human, since it is an essential component of doctor- patient interaction and part of quality medical care. Human to human is giving human touch to everything in patient interactions from counseling to treatment. A doctor forms a bond to some extent with the mother and the child, being an important part of the motherhood journey.

Dr Amit-Tell us more about the idea behind Well Woman Clinic

Dr Nupur-We have come up with several innovative concepts which include:-

Promoting Holistic wellness- We are moving towards holistic education, holistic living and holistic medicine. We understand the importance of emotional, mental dimensions besides the physical in woman’s health and a happy motherhood journey. We promote these concepts through training, coaching, social media groups and posts and so on.

Patient education workshops- We keep organizing patient education workshops at both Paras Hospitals as well as Well Woman clinic.

Pregnancy coaching – We also conduct pregnancy coaching and holistic wellness sessions, to provide relevant services to the needy patients to ensure an enjoyable and unforgettable motherhood experience.

You can view the detailed story here.

Dr Amit-It is a well known fact that you have several online and social media initiatives also. Have these initiatives helped you in getting more patients or staying in touch with mothers you have helped deliver a baby?

Dr Nupur-Interestingly, people often approach me through my website and social media and obviously there is no referral in such cases. Yet they come with so much trust, it has surprised me at times especially when they come for surgeries. She shared, “My patients have come from different parts of India including Chennai, Kolkata, Jodhpur etc and in fact some of them have come from abroad including Sweden, Canada, Oman, USA, Nigeria etc.”

Dr Amit-Thanks Dr Nupur for sparing your precious time.

Dr Nupur- You are most welcome Dr Amit.

Brief Profile 
Dr Nupur Gupta, MBBS, MS, MICOG is a Woman Wellness Expert and Director Well Woman Clinic chain. She is also associated with Paras Hospitals as High Risk Pregnancy Expert.

She is married to Dr Vipul Gupta, a famous Neurointerventionist at Medanta, The Medicity, Gurgaon and they are blessed with a beautiful daughter and a son.

For more visit or connect with her at:-


Twitter: @nupurwellwoman


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