Holistic Wellness in the New Age

The Story Behind the Book

Holistic Wellness in the New Age is a comprehensive guide to NewAge healing practices. 
tools, techniques and real life stories by over 45 accomplished Master Facilitators. On its very first day of getting listed on Amazon.in, it became a bestseller in the Healthy Living and Wellness category. Conceptualised by Sandeep Goswamy of Lightworks Publishing it brings together alternate healing practitioners and the varied practices. Sandeeep is also the Founder of The New Age Foundation (India's leading public workshops organisation in alternate healing and allied areas) and New Age Wellness World

About the Book

In the book "Holistic Wellness In The NewAge" various therapies in the Mind, Body and Soul domains have been showcased.This book covers the various topics of Holistic approach to wellness and the subject of energy medicine. Articles were invited from accomplished healers who have been practicing various New Age Therapies to contribute with articles supported by testimonials and personal experiences in whatever therapy they excel in..


The book contains articles from the following masters & facilitators:-
  • Dr. Bruce Lipton (Best Selling Author Of “Biology of Belief”)
  • Padma Bhushan Dr. B.M Hegde (Former VC Of Manipal Medical College and Author )
  • Robert M. Williams (Author & Creator of The PSYCH-K Process)
  • Rita Soman (Author, Counselor, De-Addiction Specialist & Global Instructor for The PSYCH-K Process)
  • Dr. Paula Horan (Best Selling Author, World renowned Reiki Teacher and Expert on Ozone Therapy along with teaching spiritual processes for self realization)
  • Bryant Meyers (Best Selling Author of “PEMF The 5th Element of Health & a researcher on energy medicine devices)
  • Hermina Danneil (Global Expert On Energy Medicine & PEMF Therapy)
  • Dr. Walter Jacobson (Best selling author of “Forgive To Win and teacher of “Forgiveness” as a therapy
  • Dr. Ravinder Tuli (Well-known medical expert who combines all forms of Western and Traditional systems of medicine from India and China)
  • Suresh Padmanabhan (Author and Coach on Eastern Law of Attraction)
  • Lakhvinder Babbu Gill (A Vipassana practitioner, life coach and certified teacher of Louise Hay philosophy)
  • Bindu Maira (Accomplished author, Crystal Healer and Tarot Reader)
  • Shalin Khurana (Practitioner & Teacher of Theta Healing among many energy healing therapies)
  • Dr. Rangana Rupavi Choudhry (Founder of Vitality Living College and Global facilitator of EFT, NLP and The Journey Process)
  • Naveen Varshneya (Inventor of holistic cure for mental illness)
  • Nishant Sharma (Researcher and Developer of Aura based healing systems)
  • Dr. Deepika Gupta (Accomplished Astrology, Vaastu and other Indian Vedic Systems) 
  • Smita Wankhade (Well known Past Life Regression Therapist)
  • Jane Kirby (Global facilitator for The NewAge Foundation and developer of “The Willingness Process” for healing
  • Rucsandra Mitrea (Holistic Wellness Expert and Creator of “Mitrea Balance Model”
  • Minal Arora (Master Facilitator “Serenity Surrender” Process Of Healing)
  • Dr. Ashish Paul (Ayurveda Expert and Nutritionist)
  • Archna Mohan (Mind Body Therapist)
  • Dr. Dinesh Verma (Author, Leading Ophthalmologist and Inventor of Rapid Eye Movement Induced Meditation)
  • Meenakkshi Jain (Feng Shui Expert & Color Therapist)
  • Neha Patel (Leading psychologist, holistic therapist and creator the Little Buddha program for children)
  • Aryanish Patel (Internationally certified flower therapist)
  • Nandini Gulati (Holistic Health Coach and researcher on Food based therapy)
  • Preeti Subberwal (Teaches weight management through the mind)
  • Rashminder Kaur (Facilitator of Ho Opo No Pono process for self healing)
  • Dr. Saloni Singh (Active Parenting Coach)
  • Dr. Amit Nagpal (Teaches facilitation through story telling)
  • Suzy Singh (Leading Hypno therapist and Holistic healer)
  • Ashok Angrish (Teaches Healing Through Mantra’s and a Vedic scholar)
  • Susan Chopra (Leading Teacher for healing with Angels and Guides)
  • Theressia Eggers (Fitness counselor and creator of the “Intune” Holistic Fitness program
  • Tarini Khetarpal (Weight Loss Through The Mind)
  • Seema Sharma (Access Consciousness)
  • Mandy Peterson (A psychic visionary, empath, channel, EFT Practitioner.)
  • Dr. Sukhbinder Sibia (MBBS, M.D and expert on non invasive cardiac solution)
  • Amarjeet Singh Narula (Sujok & Holistic health expert)
  • Anjali Chawla (Hypno Therapist & Holistic Healer)
  • Bhavya Gaur (Akashik Records Consultant & Teacher)
  • Atma Yogi Shri Aasaan Ji (Creator of Aatma Yoga & Pranavritti)
  • Aasha Warrier (Co Founder Clover Leaf Learning Academy
  • Ritambhara Nand (Animal Healer & Tarot Card Reader)
  • Nidhi Chauhan Sharma (Tarot Card Reader & Energy Healer)
Foreword : Dr. B.M Hegde
Preface : Sandeep Goswamy
Editor : Swatika Jain
Afterword : Ritambhara Nand

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Storytelling for Healing- My Contribution to the Book (Extract)

Sometimes storytelling is a soulful luxury, sometimes it comforts your mind by bringing out your perspective and sometimes life leaves you with no option but to tell that 'straight from the heart' story. In simple words, sometimes life leaves you with no option, but to learn to tell your story.
So the question arises now, how can we use storytelling to heal ourselves of the past and unburden our soul? 

In my opinion, the process requires the following five steps:-
1)      Get Conscious of your story-The Consciousness
2)      To what extent do you share-The Content
3)      True gifts may emerge from our wounds-The Cure
4)      Look at tragedy as if it were comedy-The Comedy
5)      Become a witness to your story-The Context

I have developed the above ‘5C framework’ to simplify the process and represent it in a memorable and simple way.

The Universe designed us for storytelling and story listening. Our hearts connect to stories, our brains are wired for stories and our ears want to listen to stories. We want our stories to be heard because our experiences are stories, our complaints are stories and sometimes the biggest burden on our soul, are our untold stories.  Great legends leave behind legendary stories, great souls write inspiring stories and great angels in our life keep to themselves our embarrassing stories.

Beliefs are the stories tattooed on our mind, thoughts are the stories we tell ourselves, words are the stories we tell others and actions are silent yet the most powerful stories in our lives. And as Gooch’s paradox goes, “Not only, things have to be seen to be believed, but also things have to be believed to be seen”. No wonder 'Miraculous stories' happen in lives of those who believe in miracles.

Richard Stone points out in his book, “The Healing Art of Storytelling- A sacred journey of personal discovery”  that by restorying our lives we can access tools for building self-esteem, learning from mistakes, affirming personal values, and celebrating the miracles of everyday life. I strongly feel, we can. 

(Note-The article draws heavily upon the work of my teacher Michael Margolis)


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