"Every Conversation was Worth a Story" and Other Mini Stories

Mini Stories and Musings on Wisdom and Love


And of course stories

All memories fade away and all is forgotten by the mind except four things;
a) nursery rhymes,
b) shocking statistics,
c) quotable quotes
d) and stories.


Every story has an inspiration-The Past, Present and Future

Every story has an inspiration. Some stories describe the present and past, some visualize the immediate future and some stories imagine the distant future.


"My dear 'Good Disciple'.....Are you really good?"

The Guru is surprised by the sudden good behavior of the disciple and asks, "What has made you such a good human being all of a sudden?"

The disciple is silent.

The Guru continues, "Ancient Indian literature says that a weak man becomes a saint. If you wish to become a true saint, you should first buy a weapon.

Weapon here means:-
-either the ability to stand for your principles or
-your network of contacts and your good will or
-your ability to expose other people’s misdeeds….

Even the most virtuous man needs some power, some awe to keep the wolves away. "

The Guru concludes, "So my dear disciple, my advice is, don't become a weak saint, first become a genuinely good human being and then aspire to become a true saint."



“Am I your true love or just your fascination?”

She could not resist the question anymore and finally asked him, “Am I your true love or just your fascination?”. 

He burst into a laughter and replied, “Good question.” After a pause, he added, “Do you have the courage to listen to a brutally honest answer?”

She replied, “Of course, I may have the touch me not looks yet I am a strong woman.”

He continued, “I have just a fascination for you........ which may turn into true love”

She was shocked and asked him to double check, “What? Do you really mean it?”

He explained, “Yes, as of now I have just a fascination. If we are able to endure the tests of life for ten years, it will be proven as true love. If we continue to live affectionately for 25 years, it will be even truer. And, if we love each other till death do us part, then surely our love would be truest.”

He then joked, "If you can endure my snoring and I can endure your mood swings, then only it would be proven as true love. If you would sometimes forget about your bad mood and cheer me up when I am low and if I would sometimes forget my struggles and feel your pain, then it would be proven as true love. True love must endure the tests of time."

He continued his brutal honesty, “What you call as love is mere romantic love, which is short lived. I may exchange a genuine smile with someone for few seconds and we would be in love for those moments. I may enjoy someone’s company in a flight and we may find our mental and emotional wavelengths match. That would be romantic love for few hours."

He added emphatically, "When a woman says, you fall in love only once and then you fall in love only to erase that love, I find it unrealistic and hyper-romantic. You may have a strong feeling of someone being your soulmate, but you never know .........for only time reveals the truth, and tells us whether the person came for a reason, a season or a lifetime.”

She stared at him for a while and ended up with a “Hmmmm “ once again.


Every conversation was worth a story 

Their relationship was magical, their conversations were even more magical. Every chat of theirs was worthy of becoming a story.


All that they could not say

All that she could not say, was expressed by her eyes
All that he could not say, was laid bare by his stories.


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