"How do I invite magic and serendipity in my life?" and Other Mini Stories

                                  Mini-Stories and Musings on Wisdom and Love


From 'grudge story' to 'guilt story' to 'peace story' 

Then one day she came to know of his complete story.
And she decided to forgive him, 
But the 'grudge story' had now become the 'guilt story'. 

And then one day she decided to forgive herself too.
And now the 'grudge story' finally became the 'peace story'. 
And with the peace story in place, she lived happily thereafter.


"How do I invite magic and serendipity?"

The student asks,"How do I invite magic and serendipity in my life?"

The master, "Match your frequency with the frequency of the universe by staying in a state of love and gratitude."

The student, "But how do I stay in a state of love all the time?"

The master, "Firstly surround yourself with people and things you love, to the extent possible. Secondly love the rest of the people and things you are left surrounded with. It is as simple as that."

"The world likes you but respect????"

"I am becoming a bigger fan of you everyday. You are such a likeable person. But I want the world to not just like you but respect you too.", he told her.

He continued, "And the world respects assertiveness, it respects people who can draw a line or boundary...and sometimes answer back sarcasm, in a quick-witted way. It is good to be a sweet li'l girl, but you need to learn to defend yourself too. I am worried about you all the time."

She gave no reply or may be he had failed to read the reply embedded in her silence....

Perhaps she was a pure soul under divine protection and had no fears. 

"Forgiveness may come from the mind, but love...."

"I have worked so hard to forgive him and let go of my grudges, he is after all my dad......but don't expect me to love him. That is just not possible.", she told him.

He replied,"I expected you to forgive him for your own peace. I'd never ask you to love him. Forgiveness may come from the mind, but love naturally flows from the heart. And the heart has a mind of its own. Give it time, plenty of time."

"How do I bring intensity in my story?'

One of my coachees asked this question recently, "After practice, practice and practice, I feel my stories have become good. Now I want to take them to the level of greatness and for that I need intensity. How do I bring intensity in my stories?"

I replied, "Intensity is the trickiest part and yet the most critical part also. If you can make people burst into laughter and tears, you would form strong emotional bonds with them and thus create a loyal social network and following."

I added, "To express intensity (intense grief and intense joy) in your stories, there are two inspirations. Either you have experienced them personally or you have developed deep empathy, to feel someone else's joy and pain as yours. While empathy may come naturally to some people, others may have to work hard for that."


"Why do you call me your 'Midas touch'?"

"You are yet to become a billionaire, my dear. Then why do you call me your 'Midas touch'? What have I turned into gold after all?" she sounded more like a quizmaster.

"My sweet li'l girl, you have already made me a billionaire at heart. So the money has to follow too. You came in my life just like a wave of inspiration. And you have gifted me or inspired the 3 most beautiful things in my life viz. storytelling, playfulness and .....(making an honest attempt at) unconditional love."

She replied playfully, "Ahaan. Let me see who becomes my 'Midas touch'. Would it be you or...?"

And he had nothing to say except, "Hmmm" this time.

And she burst into a laughter

"If you were a FB post, I would click the like button a 500 times. But I would not have shared you....because I am scared you'd go viral. And I am not joking. SOL. I am 'Serious Out Loud'. Please for god's sake, say anything except 'hmmm'" he told her. 

And she knew nothing except 'hmmm', so she had to burst into a laughter.

"I love the 'You' in her"

And she said, "Now you love our daughter more than you love me."

He replied, "You know what.... What I love in her is but the 'You.'"

Tongue n cheek

She asked in a spirit of wonder, "How is it that you know more about me, than even I know about myself?"

He replied, "Hmmm. May be I observe your behavior more closely than you observe your own."

"You just make me smile"

"I haven't smiled so much in the whole of my life, which I have in the past one year, "he told her or may be complimented her.

She said in her cute style ,"Ahaan. What's so funny about me, which makes you smile so much?"

He replied, "Something inexplicable. I think it is something 'divinely playful' or may be...... it is something 'playfully divine.'"

"The Divine In You"

She said, "And if you truly want unconditional love, stop chasing me please.....and go seek "your divine.""

He replied with a smile, "My sweetheart, what else have I been seeking till now but, "The divine in you.""

"Oh I am floored...I am..."

"Across the world women dominate their husbands now. How will my sweet li'l girl do it? I am worried.", he began pulling her leg.

She was wise enough, not to get bugged but give a quick-witted reply. So she said, "I am going to dominate with love. That's my style."

Impressed by her reply what else could he say but, "I am floored, in fact, I am more than floored, I am walled and tiled and roofed and what not."

She just sweetly 'smiled', for she didn't say 'hmmm' anymore. And he, oh he let her dominate him with love.... happily thereafter.

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